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My thoughts on Plexus

Yet another crazy trend!

Ahh, it seems like I see the Pink Drink everywhere. Last year, it was Juice Plus. I have seen a dozen people post about Plexus through my news feed over the last several months. It is something that has changed a lot of lives, I have no doubt about that. But I would bet that a majority of the people that start on their products had been life a standard American lifestyle, and adding any nutritional products tend to bring huge health benefits.

Just a note – these comparisons are just to show that there are cheaper and better quality options to these “Plexus” products- I don’t typically recommend these things to my own clients.  I only recommend whole foods, herbs, and other truly natural solutions.

Why I don’t like Plexus

My beef with Plexus is mainly the prices and the synthetic nutrients. You know me and my food based preferences. Other than the simple reason that food has more than just isolated nutrients, a lot of people can’t even handle synthetic nutrients because of a sluggish liver.  I have also heard from a couple dozen women that they developed kidney or liver issues after using these products- big red flag to me! And to be honest, I have read through their site and errors like calling Vitamin C a “pro” oxidant instead of an antioxidant makes me suspicious!

So let’s try this- if you are interested in Plexus but don’t love the price (or the gimmicks) look at these comparable products that I wrangled up. I found some that still use synthetic nutrients but the prices are WAY better, as well as the quality. I realize that while whole foods are ideal, not everyone is willing or able to go that route.

I am using the Plexus TRI-PLEX Combo as my example here. This kit costs $140 and you get a one month supply of the 3 products.

Instead of the Bio Cleanse: Mag 07 These 2 products both target colon health and detoxification. They contain magnesium oxide which is a very poorly absorbed form of magnesium but it is effective for cleaning the colon.  The Mag 07 is the better quality because it not only is a specially formulated magnesium for this specific purpose, it also is lacking the synthetic ascorbic acid that the Plexus product has. (Read all about why I hate ascorbic acid here)

Instead of the Pro-Bio5: Garden of Life Ultimate Care Again, this Plexus product packs in ascorbic acid, as well a form of b6 that isn’t very bioavailable. The Garden of Life has nothing synthetic, has 34 strains of probiotics, and 100 billion CFU per serving. The Pro-Bio5 has only 2 billion CFU and only 5 strains.

Instead of the Slim: GTF Chromium from NOW  Chromium is huge for blood sugar control, and can significantly reduce sugar cravings.  The chromium in the Plexus Slim is not the most bioavailable form of Chromium, plus it has controversial ingredients like green coffee bean extract, Stevia, “natural flavors” (which seriously could be anything), and silicon dioxide.

SO! The above 3 supplements total a whopping $69 if you purchase them from Amazon.  2 of these products would also last at least 2 months. That is a savings of $71! Wow! You’d have enough to add in a bag of nettles for infusions, a whole food vitamin C, a jar of psyllium fiber, and a desiccated beef liver supplement (or cod liver oil). So not only would you be focusing on gut health, colon health, and blood sugar with the Plexus substitutes but you would be able to fit in some REAL WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION as well for the same price!

So while I will never bash anyone for getting benefit for something like Plexus- it pays to do your research! Plexus is over-priced, and there are PLENTY of other options that you can go with to fix your health. I am tired of seeing people taken advantage of by gimmicks like this, and there seriously seems to be a new one every year!

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