best legitimate work at home jobs

The BEST Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

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BEST Legitimate Work at Home Jobs


Ideas for Working at Home for Stay at home parents, people that are healing, or anyone else that just wants to work from home

I know, some of you are probably like “what does this have to do with health?!” It might seem a bit out there, but it is a topic that really needs more attention. These days, people are burning themselves out like crazy trying to work a full time job that just barely pays the bills, or they are ruining their health at their jobs due to the stress that they are dealing with due to the job itself or a toxic work environment, or they are a parent that really wishes they could stay home and have more of a role in their children’s lives. The good thing is that things are changing and there are a LOT more opportunities to work at home in various fields.

Several years ago I was starting my education to get into the nutrition field and making changes in my work life so I could make my dreams a reality. Just about 2 weeks after I made these changes, I found out I was pregnant with my first child- needless to say, this REALLY changed things for me! I wasn’t sure what I would realistically be able to do once baby came, so my plans sort of fell apart. Once he was born, I realized that I really, really wanted to be a stay at home mom or work part time from home.

This was only 5 years ago, but it wasn’t as easy as it is now to find steady income from home. Now, there are TONS of opportunities, and many of these jobs are catering to mamas that want to stay home with their kids but still bring in some financial support. For most people, being a 1 income family just isn’t feasible anymore, which is so frustrating. But there are many different jobs out there now for those that need an income- whether you are a stay at home parent or even someone that is trying to work on healing as much as possible, but you still need an income.


My List of Ideas for Work at Home Jobs

These are some of the biggest ideas that I have been able to find to work from home. Hopefully this list helps some people out! The best first start is to make a list of things you like to do, what you enjoy as far as hobbies/interests go, what skills you have, and what you personally think would be beneficial for people in your life.

I would especially pick something that resonates deeply with you and not just because it is trendy right now. I know many people that ended up in an MLM that turned out to be pretty horrible, and they had invested so much time, energy, and money into it only to quit once they realized how terrible it truly was.


MLMs (Multi-level marketing)

These are at the top of my list for a few reasons: they are incredibly popular, they can be successful if you are good at sales, and some of them are truly great. These are usually the easiest things to start because they require a very small fee to get set up and there is no application process for the most part. Usually you get a pretty good discount for the products as well, which is definitely an added benefit!

The trick with MLMs is finding a company that is truly great. There are many MLMs out there that are full of gimmicks, high prices, and false advertising. BUT there are many out there that are actually amazing. Mamavation put together this article about a year ago with a handy chart on the best and worst of the MLMs and I agree 100% with the list she made.

The other main MLMs I have seen good things about are Purium, Beautycounter, and NYR Organic.

The main MLMs that I know of that I would stay far away from if true health is your passion are ItWorks, Posh, Plexus, and Herbalife.


Customer Service

We recently found a site called Arise that is pretty amazing for at-home customer service jobs. They have many different clients to choose from like Intuit, Airbnb, Carnival cruises, and more. You have the ability to make your own schedule, and there are both permanent and temp jobs available. Most of them have little to no fees involved in signing up too, and the pay tends to be anywhere between $12-14+/hr. You can also start your own call center business through them if you decide you like!


Blogging and Affiliates

Blogging is one of the most time draining options on here in the beginning. It can take a long time to build up a successful blog that is making you an income. If you do things right, it can be pretty lucrative, but I also believe that depends on what your blog is about. There are plenty of websites out there about how to be a successful blogger, or there are even courses that go over the basics on how to get started. Pinterest is also a goldmine of information on this topic.

My tips: Pick a topic that you are passionate about and have no problem making a lot of content for. Sign up for affiliate programs that are associated with your topic (Amazon is usually the easiest place to start for general topics- all of my affiliates are on this page here if you want to check them out!). Make a Facebook page, a group, a Pinterest, a Twitter, and/or an Instagram and start sharing content with friends and family. This does take time to grow though but many people are making a living from blogging these days.

My specific tips if you go this route: Use WordPress through Siteground hosting for your website. It is very easy to learn and manage, and it is pretty customizable. Find a topic that speaks to you- whether it is a skill you’d like to teach people about or recipes you’d like to share, or even just a site where you write about your life story, just make sure that is is something you love and can write about long term. Find your voice and your style of writing as well.



If you have a set of skills or knowledge that you can make a service out of, then this is the best option for you. Many people are starting at-home businesses for various consulting options. Nutrition, accounting, bookkeeping, counseling, energy healing, and even gardening are some of the most popular at-home consulting jobs right now. This list has 20 other options to look into!

It would be very beneficial to add the prior example to this as well- starting a blog and using social media is very helpful to get a new business up and running. You can also use things like newspaper ads, write articles for other blogs or sites about your business, or use things like direct mail advertising. This site has a great list of steps to take for starting a consulting business.



Not much to describe about this one! If you are crafty, then Etsy is your place. There are SOOO many options for selling on Etsy. Make t-shirts, items for cosplay, candles, hats, geeky items- the options are endless if you have the mind for being creative.


Course making

There are so many platforms for making your own courses these days. I find Teachable to be one of the best and easiest platforms overall personally, but there are many out there that you can research to find exactly what you are looking for. Do you have a skill that you are incredibly good at and want to teach others? Or do you have knowledge about a particular topic that you could make a whole class out of? The options are endless for course making!



YouTube is a booming place to be for those with small businesses. You can make a channel for anything these days: cooking, pop culture, health, video games, literally anything you can think of could be turned into a YouTube channel. This tends to tie into having a website and social media as well


Teaching English Online

This is another big option these days as it is gaining popularity. There are many companies out there that hire English speakers to teach English to kids in other countries- and you don’t have to know another language! They have a curriculum set up already for you to follow. There are many companies like this now, and some of them are a bit more strict in their requirements, but it is always worth looking into.

This list has about 20 companies that hire people for purposes like this. Some of these companies pay over $20 an hour!


Other ideas:

  • Start a baking company at home (check your state’s laws on this though!)
  • Become an author and publish your own ebooks
  • Become a life coach
  • Become a doula!
  • Medical transcription
  • Check out this list for dozens of other ideas

My main point with this post is to show that there are many legitimate opportunities to work at home at this point in time. You don’t have to suffer with the rush hour traffic, or the early mornings/late nights if you don’t want to. There is pretty much an option for everyone that wants to make their own hours or be their own boss. There is still a lot of work that goes into all of these options, but they do come with quite a bit more freedom.


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