Holistic Nervous System Healing

Holistic Nervous System Healing

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Holistic Nervous System Healing

I cannot stress enough the importance of the nervous system.

Your nervous system influences your entire body: digestion, brain function, mood, detox, hormones, and more.

When the nervous system is dysregulated, nothing can function correctly. Even worse- when there has been severe physical or emotional trauma, the nervous system can go into chronic survival mode, which makes it impossible to heal.

We must learn how to end the cycle of trauma, stress, and dysfunction in order to truly heal ourselves. Long term nervous system dysregulation = SURVIVAL MODE. You cannot function correctly while living in survival mode.

Once the nervous system calms down, then everything else falls into place. Holistic Nervous System Healing is essential if you want to truly heal. 

Holistic Nervous System Healing is ESSENTIAL

Healing the nervous system is an essential part of overall healing.  Trauma creates dysfunction in our nervous system- we have to heal the nervous system in order to feel safe in our bodies again. The body gets stuck in the state that it was in when the trauma occurred and it constantly burns through nutrients- you have to get out of this loop in order to see REAL healing take place.

Trauma is also not just one big event. Trauma can be anything that feels traumatic to you as an individual. Childhood abuse, losing a loved one, being in an accident, being bullied, and even the stress of a chronic illness itself can be traumatic. There is no shame in admitting that you have trauma to heal, so please try to work around the mindset of “I’m fine, other people have it worse.” Your body can’t process that thought- your body only knows what it has experienced itself.

After a decade in the natural health world, I have seen that this topic is one that many people prefer to ignore. But if you want to heal physically, you have to address the emotional issues as well. Those that work on mind, body, and soul see the best results in their healing journey.

Symptoms of nervous system dysregulation include: anxiety, OCD, reacting to many foods or other items, insomnia, memory issues, social anxiety, social media addiction, or you can have issues with regulating mood (anger swings, depression, feeling the need to argue with everyone you talk to, etc). Insomnia is a huge one- if you do not feel safe in your body then it can be hard to sleep at night. Lyme, mold, parasites, and other similar issues can keep ones nervous system in a state of stress. You can read more about the nervous system here.

Common Symptoms of Nervous System Dysfunction

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Sensitive to sounds and light
  • Social anxiety
  • Disassociation
  • Muscle pain
  • Gut issues (sensitive to foods, slow digestion)
  • Food aversions
  • A need for certain music or sounds, familiarity
  • Insomnia
  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Cognitive issues, trouble retaining information, dyslexia
  • How many of these symptoms are a part of specific diagnoses? What if these diagnoses were truly just a sign of complete imbalance in the body? You’re not broken. You don’t need a label to understand yourself.

Nervous System Healing should be FIRST, not Detox

Imagine running a long marathon. When you’re done, all sweaty and sore and exhausted someone is like, “Let’s do a sauna, an enema, and this juice that’s going to make you purge all your toxins.”

This is close to what you’re body is feeling when you’re burnt out, completely depleted of nutrients, and trying to force it to detox.

You need time to heal, recover, and feel safe again before your body can detox.

If you’ve been dealing with chronic illness for years, your body is EXHAUSTED. The last thing you need is to make it purge.

With holistic healing, we’re often having to switch our mindset away from what allopathic medicine does.

In allopathic medicine if you get sick, they say, “here take this antibiotic which will kill off all of your good and bad bacteria, but it’s going to get rid of the bug you have.”

That’s the same mentality we’re seeing with the DETOX everything clan now. Your body can naturally detox, but when it’s stressed and depleted it’s not going to detox well. Instead of purging, flushing and creating more stress on your body we must first rebuild, nourish, and heal. Saunas, enemas, daily cold plunges, fasts, detox supplements- these things are too harsh on an already stressed body.

When your nervous system needs healing and you’ve been in survival mode for many years, your body is STUCK. Think of the freeze response. What does that make you think of? Nothing can flow if it’s frozen.

Stomach acid, lymph, bile from your liver- all of these things need to FLOW. It is hard to do when your body is is FREEZE. This is why healing your nervous system is a big key in healing your body as a whole.

This is why we focus on rebuilding first for our HTMA clients before getting into any detox. Many of the gentle items we use can help with some detox, but it’s not nearly as stressful on the body, especially if you’re working on mineral balance, adrenals, and nervous system as well.

Are you “neurospicy” or are you dealing with lifelong nervous system dysfunction?

The newest term going around lately is “neurospicy“. This is commonly in reference to people that fall on the autism spectrum or those that are dealing with ADD/ADHD type issues. This is a fancy way of trying to normalize nervous system dysfunction. You’re just “neurospicy” and you just have to deal with it is what they want you to believe.

You can be BORN with nervous system dysfunction. Nutritional deficiencies, trauma, toxicities- these have been passed on for generations.

Plus they start with injections on DAY ONE of birth- you will literally never know if this is just “how you are” or if you had a reaction on day one of life, and they made you that way. The 90s saw a massive increase in toxic living: fake foods, more injections for kids, more TV time, less time with parents at home, more antibiotics, more stress, less time outside playing and more time in school.

Those that profit off of chronic illnesses want you to think you’re broken and that you’re going to be like this forever. They want you to buy their “solutions” and continue to struggle.

But have you ever stopped to truly ask WHY so many people are dealing with the same exact issues?

Why are so many people stressed and dysregulated? It’s not because everyone is broken.

It’s because we’re not meant to be living in this type of world! Everything is fake, filled with stress, so much unresolved trauma- this is not what our world is meant to be. Society has been backwards for long enough. Not only did they make us this way, they then want to give you drugs to ‘fix’ the issues that they created instead of addressing the real issues at hand.

What we’re dealing with is a NORMAL reaction to an ABNORMAL world.

You can heal though, even if they say you can’t. You have to believe you can heal, and you have to want to heal.

What we need for holistic nervous system healing

Click on the red font to read more about these specific helpers:

  • Rest and Sleep
  • Safety- feeling safe in our bodies is a massive piece of this puzzle
  • Patience
  • Healthy Fats (our nerves need fat to function!)
  • Moisture- hydration, moistening herbs like Marshmallow Root and Aloe Vera
  • Nervine Herbs like Wood Betony, Oatstraw, Blue Vervain
  • Some will need more intense therapies like DNRS, EMDR
  • Body work- myofasical release, massage. somatic healing (you can get 10% off any somatic healing course with the code SASSYHOLISTICS )
  • Energy healing can also help- Reiki especially; healing with tuning forks is absolutely incredible as well (Highly recommend Misty)
  • Stress Reduction
  • Genuine happiness. This might require you to change a lot in your life. Evaluate your job (do you hate it?), relationships (is someone toxic?), where you live (do you feel safe?), etc.

How We Can Help You to Heal

Holistic Nervous System Healing Ecourse
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  2. It really is exhausting for them, and most don’t even realize it until adulthood. I am sure that is why we are seeing so many cases of C-PTSD in adults now 🙁 It catches up eventually.

  3. My. Husband and I both are messes. Both of us have digestive, problems. He is constantly constipated and I have IBS and just had a bad bout of diarrhea. I take Viberzzi everyday . When I calm down, I get to one pill a day. Now, I’m on two a day with Imodium in between. I am better tho.
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