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What is htma?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the perfect test for foundational care and mineral balancing. With just 1 teaspoon of hair, you can get a huge view on what you need to work on.

Benefits of HTMA

Hair tissue mineral analysis tests for crucial minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and copper. It also tests for toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum- all of which can create massive health issues.

Our Htma Process

We use whole food nutrition, herbal remedies, and true holistic health practices to help you heal. We don't use 10+ isolated supplements or isolated nutrients, which can lead to more issues.

Welcome to the world of mineral balancing, whole food nutrition, and holistic health.

To me, holistic health means treating the body as a WHOLE. Nearly all aspects of health are connected in one way or another.  It’s time to stop treating symptoms, and start truly healing.


Our main focus is on Foundational Care. Whether you are dealing with heavy metals, Lyme, Candida, EBV, or just any sort of chronic illness, you cannot ignore the main bases of our health. We work on cleaning up diet, balancing minerals, healing your gut, working on detox pathways, supporting your adrenals (and HPA axis), cleaning up your environment, and healing emotional trauma.


Our services tab explains everything we offer: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the best place to start to get your foundation set up.


So take a look around the site, especially the blog section. You can even “search” for particular topics so you can find what you are looking for! Check out the top menu for info about our Sassy Holistics HTMA practitioners, deals on our affiliates’ sites, and more!

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