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Total Body Healing HTMA

This is our signature service and the best place to start your holistic healing journey. Get an HTMA test with our expert analysis along with recommendations for healing and 2 months of email support after your consult.

Mineral Mavens 3-in-1 Package

With this package, you’ll save $100 when you pre-purchase 3 TBH HTMAs for one year. Get an entire year of Sassy Holistics healing and support.

HTMA Retest

Ready for your HTMA Retest? If it’s been less than 6 months since your first test, this is the option for you. Recheck your minerals and we can check on your progress, tweak your plan, and keep the healing process going.

Heal Yourself from the Ground Up

Our Favorite Ebook and Journal

We’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

Our Signature 5-Step Total Body Healing™ HTMA Plan has helped thousands of others achieve more energy, better digestion, reduced sensitivities, better sleep, happier mood, & better quality of life. HTMA Healing Plans are completely personalized to your individual needs & HTMA results.

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