top 10 posts of 2021

Top 10 Posts of 2021

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Last year, I did a recap of the top posts of 2020 and so many of you LOVED IT. I decided to do another recap for the top posts of 2021. Most of the same posts are here, but we had a few switch ups and a few new additions. I am so happy that my posts are able to reach so many people.

I hope they help you all on your healing journey. May 2022 be an even better year for health!


Top 10 Posts of 2021 on Sassy Holistics

Number 10: My Thoughts on Plexus (and NATURAL Alternatives to Plexus)

Most trends have absolutely no place in the holistic health world. This definitely applies to Plexus. Over the last few years since I wrote this post I’ve heard of pretty severe reactions to their supplements. But the MOST telling is that everyone I know that used to take them and sell them no longer even bother anymore. They were a trend for the moment, and now it’s starting to pass. If you want REAL health, you can do much better than overpriced, synthetic supplements. Read this post here to find out what I recommend instead of Plexus.


Number 9: How to Make Nettle Infusions to Heal your Adrenals, Support Better Nutrition, Improve Detoxification, and more!

I AM SO EXCITED THAT THIS MADE THE LIST THIS YEAR!! Woo-hoo. If you’ve followed Sassy Holistics for awhile you likely know how much I LOVE nettle infusions. I am so glad that this post has been more popular and I hope that more people are learning how incredible herbal infusions are. Nettles are the most nutrient dense infusion and they are a whole-body tonic, so they can help with so many health issues. Click here to see how nettle infusions can change your life today.


Number 8: Copper Imbalance- Looking Beyond Copper Toxicity

This was one of my first posts on Sassy Holistics and it’s definitely stayed popular for the last 6 years. Copper toxicity is a common subject when you are learning about mineral imbalances but I have a much difference approach than most people. I don’t like to induce massive amounts of detox or use synthetic supplements to “purge” copper. I like to support the body so it balances copper safely and naturally. I recently updated this post to make it even easier to understand copper issues and how to test for them. Read this entire post here!

Number 7: How to Heal Histamine Intolerance

Histamine intolerance is a very common issue that many of my clients have dealt with. The usual advice is to just eliminate histamine foods… and not to do much else. What if I told you that you could HEAL your histamine issues and move on with your life? You CAN. Working on gut and liver health are key, but you can read all of my tips in this popular post here.


Number 6: Balancing 3 of the Main Minerals: Mag, Sodium, and potassium

This post has always been popular on this site, but this year it dropped a spot! It was a very popular post with good reason- people are learning the truth about supplementing with magnesium. This post alone has helped so many people that were on the path to adrenal exhaustion from overuse of magnesium. The whole point of HTMA and mineral balancing is to BALANCE minerals, but for some reason many, many practitioners like to push massive amounts of magnesium. I learned myself the hard way that too much mag WILL hurt your adrenals. Learn how to properly balancing mag, potassium, and sodium here.


Number 5: How to Heal Leaky Gut in 3 Steps

This post has become my go-to when someone wants to get started on the correct path for healing their gut. It can be as easy as 3 steps! This post has symptoms of leaky gut, details on which 3 steps I find to be the most important, and many suggestions on what items you can implement to get started on your gut healing journey. Gut healing doesn’t have to be complicated! But gut healing is essential to work on if you want to heal from any chronic illness. This post was recently updated to be more in-depth as well. Read this post here.


Number 4: Why You Should Be Stimulating the Vagus Nerve Daily

This is a brand new addition to this list! Since my post on the hiatal hernia has always been so popular, I wanted to expand on the vagus nerve and how important it is for overall health. This post goes over what the vagus nerve is, why it is important, and how to support it naturally. Read the post here!


Number 3: Gentle Liver Loving Ideas for Sensitive Individuals

Many people cannot tolerate a lot of detox at first when they start healing. Our adrenals are weak, we are depleted of nutrients, and too much detox can make this worse. So this post goes over some of the most gentle ways to support your liver while you are still working on overall healing. The liver needs love, but it’s best to not overdo it. Read my tips for gentle liver loving here.

Number 2: How to Heal a Hiatal Hernia

Coming in at 46,000 views for 2021, this post is one of the main posts that people see first when they find Sassy Holistics. It has been a very popular post on Pinterest for several years as well. Having gone through a hiatal hernia myself, I know that healing it is possible, but it is so frustrating to try and find the information on healing in the first place. This post became so popular and helped so many people over the last few years. This is why I decided to write up an entire guide to help with hiatal hernia healing. Check out my whole post here, and buy the guide here.


And Finally, NUMBER 1: The BEST Natural Liver Health Foods and Supplements

With over 46,000 views, the best post of 2021 is also a big favorite of mine.  It’s increased from the #3 to #1 spot!  Every single person needs liver loving! Like I mentioned above, the liver has over 500 jobs and it really needs to be functioning in order to do many important things like balance hormones, support healthy copper levels, detox toxins, keep our bowels moving, and so much more. The liver is so overlooked and it takes a beating in our modern world. Medications, alcohol, excess sugar, fake food, birth control pills, and basically everything else that is common can really stress the liver out. Click here to learn how to love your liver today.

Thank you so much for checking out my top ten posts of 2021 and I hope that you got some good information out of them! I look forward to writing more in 2022, and I hope that you get a lot of value out of my posts. Happy new year!

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