Your Intuition is Real

Your Intuition is Real: You Just Have to Learn How to Use it

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Your Intuition is Real: You Just Have to Learn How to Use it

We ALL have intuition. I am by no means an expert in intuition, but I want to share some things that I have found to be helpful in my own journey of listening to my own inner voice.

Years of poor diets, toxin exposure, stress, and a society that is so backwards has clouded our internal voice. We’ve been told to push through exhaustion, work ourselves to the bone each day, and then when it comes to diet we’ve got 3258894 “experts” claiming to know all about what diet is best for every single person in the world. With all of this outside influence, it is so hard to hear what is going on in our own mind and body.


As we heal naturally, we can slowly start to hear that inner voice again.

What I have found to be the most helpful is just to ask your body what it wants! Simple as that. The more you do it, the more you’ll get a clear answer. You might even feel silly doing it at first, but it’s so important to learn to understand our bodies and their cues.  It’s hard to hear your inner voice when your nervous system is incredibly stressed too. Learning to support your nervous system more will help to hear your intuition loud and clear.

For example, a few nights ago I was dealing with some sore muscles because of a long day. I asked myself internally “what do I need?” Immediately I thought of castor oil. I rubbed it over the sore spots, and within an hour the soreness was gone.

Ask, and then listen. Practice daily if you can. The more you are comfortable with this, the easier it can be to heal because you can change things day to day. I have days where I do the same things daily, and then some days where my body is like “please, a break!”

When we are clouded with anxiety or constantly thinking just about our symptoms, that intuition is muted. Take a deep breath, and ask: “What do you want, body?”

You can ask yourself a variety of questions at first to get used to listening for your cues. The more you do this, the easier it will start to be to learn what your body is asking for:

  • Am I hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Stressed out? Constipated?
  • Do I feel any physical pains? Where and what does it feel like?
  • Am I craving something? Sugar, salt, protein?
  • How did I sleep last night?
  • Where am I in my cycle?
  • Was I more busy than usual this week?
  • Am I holding in any emotions?


If you’re dealing with detox reactions or extra stress, you might find that it’s even harder to listen to your intuition and instincts. If this happens, take some quiet time for yourself. Journal, mediate, take a long bath, do some yoga, go for a walk- do whatever calms you down or makes you happy. Once you are able to relax a bit and gather your thoughts, then you should get more clarity on what is going on. If this doesn’t work, just have faith that in a few days once the worst of it has passed your body will catch up and get back in touch with you.


Learning to Trust Yourself

Overall, learning to listen to your intuition is basically just learning how to trust yourself. You have to learn to tune out the outside voices and really look within. You hold the power to heal yourself! And you are the one that knows yourself best. Start small- starting asking yourself how you feel and what you’re in need of. Then start acting on the hunches you get, no matter how small.


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