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You Have to Put in the Work to Heal

I know you are probably like, “WELL DUH, I know I have to put the work in!” But honestly, I think sometimes we don’t realize that there is a lot more work than we know. Healing is not just about eating better and taking supplements. The INNER work matters even more than the outer work.

What “the work” consists of:

  • You have to eat better, find your nutritional deficiencies, and test for other issues you suspect you might have (mold illness, Lyme, EBV, parasites, etc).
  • You have to change your negative self talk.
  • You have to put time aside for yourself.
  • You have to learn your triggers and work on healing them. Are you constantly judging others? Do you feel jealous of someone? If you are angry/depressed/anxious often then start asking yourself WHY and dig deep into fixing your situation.
  • You have to realize that sometimes we have SUB-CONSCIOUS blocks that keep us from healing, especially if you have dealt with emotional trauma.
  • You have to watch yourself on social media. Arguing, searching for people to argue with, or even searching for content that you know will trigger you is not helpful!
  • You have to do your own research and be open minded. It is ok to change your opinion on something when given new information, and it is your responsibility to RESEARCH things, not just blindly believe what you are told.
  • You have to catch yourself if you slip back into bad habits.
  • You have to learn to listen to your OWN intuition! You have to, there is no getting around this. You have your own internal compass that will help you reach your goals and you are the ONLY one that can listen to this inner voice.

With TRUE healing, it is so much more than just taking your supplements and then continuing on with your usual life. Most people need a whole lifestyle change! Healing is not easy, and this is why many people decide NOT to pursue the path of holistic health. It is easier for them to stay in their own world.

What they don’t know is that healing ourselves sets off a chain reaction in the world. Healing ourselves helps to heal those around us and helps to inspire others to heal themselves. The more that people start realizing this, the more we can change the world. It all starts with us.

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