Why Prevention is Key when it comes to Health

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One of the biggest things that I am passionate about is getting people to realize the importance of preventing illness. I was one of the many people that just kept on with my destructive habits because I didn’t know any better, up until the day that I could no longer eat without pain. Read that again: It took something as severe as not being able to eat without crying for me to finally WAKE UP. That is why one of my main goals is to help people to never get to that point that I was at. Unfortunately, most people do not understand anything like this until it happens to them.

It can take years, decades, and even generations for severe illnesses to really develop because some people can be just marginally deficient in nutrients until they are triggered to worsen (could be from stress, pregnancy, or just a slow decline because of a poor diet). Our country’s soil has been depleted since *at least* the 1930s so deficiencies of crucial nutrients have been passed down for the last few generations. With the amount of auto-immune disorders in even young people these days, it is hard to ignore the fact that something is WRONG with the Standard American Diet/Lifestyle.

So many things that are “normal” in our society contribute to a slow decline in health. In order to start preventing illness and helping our future generations get out of this cycle, there are so many things that we need to re-evaluate and start to change.

Things that are “Normal” in our society, but truly shouldn’t be:

Our terrible Diet: Not only is our food deficient in nutrients, there is a vast amount of “food-like” products that have taken the place of nutrient-dense foods. Fast food, soda, corn syrup, MSG, food coloring, artificial sweeteners, and other similar items are staples in the Standard American Diet. To make things worse, most people are not drinking ANY water, nor eating any fresh fruit or vegetables on a daily basis.  Access to junk food is incredibly easy, and even most school lunches are full of junk. We’ve been living with horrible nutrition advice over the last few decades: eat low fat, margarine is better than butter, cholesterol causes heart disease, only calories matter (not the quality of the food), vitamin A is toxic, etc. All of these things have been proven to be wrong in recent years. It’s time to get back to basics and common sense!

Bashing Organic Foods: Once upon a time, all food was organic. Wanting to eat clean is not a TREND but so many people think it is pretentious to want to have real, nutrient dense foods available for ourselves and our families. It is just common sense. It is also essential if we want to start preventing illnesses. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a scientist from MIT, made a warning a few years ago about how 1 in 2 children will be autistic by 2025 because of glyphosate use if we don’t take the steps to prevent this now. (source)

Stress from infancy: Kids usually start out in life getting put into daycare with dozens of other children at an early age because both parents are required to work to manage a household. (Here is a great source that goes over the issues with non-parental care from early on in life. I know most people will get angry at me for that one, but it needs to be said! With so many opportunities to work at home these days, it’s something to think about to have at least a part time work at home parent. Again, this is just one of those “normal” things that no one ever thinks about.) Once they reach grade school, they are forced to sit still for hours each day even though kids are meant to be active and play. Once a person graduates from high school, they start out college which is highly stressful to begin with, but it also comes with cheap food, lots of alcohol, very little sleep, and leads to burnout by the time they end up graduating from college.  Then they start their careers already in burnout (and usually in massive debt with a side of stress) and they eventually have a family of their own which starts the cycle over again. Something has to change here. Kids are being born in adrenal burnout! Our hectic, stress filled lifestyles coupled with our terrible diets are a recipe for disaster.

Acute Health Issues:Heartburn, headaches, frequent colds, and most of the common acute issues people deal with are usually “solved” with an OTC med and then quickly forgotten about. Most people start to notice an increase in frequency with certain health issues and eventually their OTC pill no longer works. We need to start allowing the body to heal from things, and start treating the body as a whole in order to stop chronic symptoms from forming. When we catch a cold and we douse ourselves in popular cold medicine, we are just suppressing the body’s ability to truly handle the issue. This can lead to chronic illness! We need to learn how to truly nourish ourselves and to take our health into our own hands to get back to perfect health. True health and healing will never come from a pill.

Smoking and other bad habits: We all know how bad smoking is, as well as excessive drinking. I don’t think we need to go over this too much here. But smoking doesn’t just affect the person doing it- 2nd and 3rd hand smoke is real, and it can seriously harm kids. You can read my whole post on smoking here. Also, dependence on things like coffee and energy drinks fall into the category of severe bad habits. If you cannot get through the day without caffeine, you really need to address your adrenal glands!

The biggest complaints I hear from people that are resistant to changing their habits are:

  • It’s too hard!
  • I like cookies and cake too much.
  • It’s my body. I’ll do what I want.
  • Salad is gross.
  • I don’t believe in natural health
  • Cooking is too time consuming.
  • Eating healthy is too expensive.

My rebuttals to these excuses:

  • Maybe at first, but once you see the benefits you’ll want to stick with it. After time it gets easier.
  • You can still eat delicious food and eat clean. Just make it yourself with REAL ingredients.
  • You likely have family that loves you and wants you to stick around for a long time. If you have kids and grandkids, you should also be thinking about their future. They need good role models!
  • Eating healthy isn’t all about just eating salad. Trust me! You can still have most of your favorite foods. Just better quality versions.
  • More people are flocking to natural healing because conventional methods are failing miserably. We have the ability to do studies and trials on herbs and natural remedies now too to have the science to back things up.
  • Again, maybe at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. And plus, real food tastes so much better than drive through or something frozen from a box.
  • Have you priced health insurance lately? What about cancer? Please don’t WAIT for a diagnosis of something for you to change your eating habits. So many stores are offering affordable organic and all-natural foods now (check out my post on that here for tips!)

So PLEASE! If you are just getting into natural health, or you really are a skeptic, please take a step back and realize the importance. If not for yourself, but for our future generations, who officially have shorter life spans than us. Read my post on “Saving our Future Generations” here to learn more about how our kids are suffering and why we need to be the ones to initiate change.

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