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Why your Environment and Terrain are More Important than Genes

Have you fallen into the treating SNPs rabbit hole? I fell into the mineral balancing world around the same time that the MTHFR community was gaining traction as well. For many reasons, it never sounded right to me to treat your genes so I never really wanted to test mine. To me, when you hear “genetic” you think unchangeable- and many others feel the same way. I haven’t made many posts about this subject because people tend to get VERY argumentative about it, and I like to spend my time sharing information about how to actually heal vs. arguing 😉

I’ve seen people blame MTHFR for everything from dry skin to bed-wetting to cancer. While it’s always nice to have as much information as possible when we’re trying to heal, we cannot blame these genetic SNPs for all of our problems. Our genes have not changed suddenly in the last 100 years- our environment has though!


Our GENES are not the problem. Our ENVIRONMENT is!

GMOs, vaccines, pesticides, toxic chemicals in household cleaners and beauty products, artificial everything in our food, and the list goes on and on. These things are the real issue, they are EVERYWHERE, and they are creating so many nutritional imbalances and toxicities.

We are absolutely bombarded with these things on a daily basis. There is a lot that we can control, but there is also a lot that we cannot. We have to just do our best when it comes to reducing our environmental toxins, and we have to start addressing our personal deficiencies and imbalances. Sure, there are those out there that are riddled with SNPs and need that extra help- but MTHFR is not a diagnosis, and you cannot treat it. You have to change your environment no matter what your genes are!

Plus: minerals are need to activate enzymes, and the enzymes regulate genes. Period! Balance your minerals, fix your nutritional imbalances, nourish your body, get rid of the environmental triggers, and your genes will no longer be an issue.


Even genetic experts admit that Genes are not the problem!

I came across an amazing article from Metabolic Healing recently that sums everything up very well about this whole genetic issue. You can read that article here, but here is a snippet:

“Have you been told that you are “diagnosed with MTHFR”? Beware. This is not a diagnosis! A diagnosis can only be made for an illness, and if there has only been genetic testing in your case (which is common), this is simply impossible. If you have received some form of genetic testing from your doctor and you are heterozygous, homozygous, or compound heterozygous for MTHFR mutations, you have had this genetic map & reality your entire life. A map is not an indicator of  biochemical expression, and thus cannot indicate disease! You may be experiencing symptoms that you have never had before, or you may have had symptoms/dysfunctions for a very long time, but to be “diagnosed” with MTHFR by a doctor without full assessment and biochemical analysis of your body is faulty at best and irresponsible at worst. The most useful application of genetic results is as an alignment with a careful investigation of epigenetic influences coupled with biochemical evidence .”


Along with that article, there was a post on Facebook from Dr. Ben Lynch of in about this very topic when I first wrote this post back in 2016.

He wrote:

“I’m going to redo my talk quite a bit as these genetic contributions are not the real issue.

The real issues are:
– vaccinations
– harmful soil
– stressed out society
– industrialized food
– unsafe chemicals

Our genetics have not changed dramatically over the last 100 years.

Our environment has.

Our genetics are not responding well to the environment.

That’s the issue.

Genetics are handy when understanding why some of us act the way we do when exposed to these things –

Other than that – it’s the fundamentals that we must focus on.”


If the absolute EXPERT in MTHFR can admit this, then we have to start realizing it too! Yes, the genetic testing can be helpful, but it does not give you a diagnosis. And for that that are using it to switch people from synthetic folic acid and cyanocobalamin to other forms of synthetic nutrients- WHAT? If those synthetic forms were found to be harmful, who is to say the new forms won’t be found to be similarly harmful?

What will give you a solid plan? Blood tests, HTMA, using natural remedies to treat your worse symptoms RIGHT NOW as you balance minerals, and finding a practitioner that truly wants to get you on the path to wellness. People that are focused ONLY on genetics cannot see the forest for the trees and all it is doing is confusing more people.

If you’re having trouble detoxing, it’s more likely that your liver is sluggish, your bile flow is slow, your lymph is clogged, and your kidneys are struggling because of the environmental toxins that we’ve accumulated. Read my post on supporting detox pathways here.

Or check out my ebook on Foundational Care, which outlines ALL of the major steps people need to take in order to heal from almost anything.



Typical lives that many of us experienced:

Toxic fluoride and heavy metals in the water, antibiotics every year as a kid, eat nothing but fast food or food from boxes, 50 shots in the first few years of life, massive amounts of stress in school and then a career, unresolved trauma, lives off a pot of coffee a day and a bottle of wine a night, medications for every individual symptom, and the list goes on.

How can we know all that we’ve been exposed to and then dare to blame our GENES? Your environment is a million times more important than your genes. It’s tempting to blame our genetics for our health issues, but come on. Let’s get real here.

How many of us grew up absolutely SMOTHERED with toxins? You’re not sick ONLY because of your genes or even epigenetics.

You’re dealing with health issues now because your body has had ENOUGH.  We are resilient AF though. Our bodies are strong, and we’ve all withstood a LOT of damage. We CAN heal too. I’ve had many clients over the years that chased the “treat my genes” rabbit hole. I rarely see anyone that actually healed this way.

The genes aren’t the problem. The environment is what influences our genes. We cannot go from eating Big Macs and frappucinnos everyday to then blaming our genes for our health issues. It takes a long time to heal because it takes a long time to heal. It takes a lot of energy, time, nutrients, and rest to undo the damage that has been done.

I know that admitting that our environment is an issue can be rough because then you have to admit that we’ve been utterly bombarded for years, decades, and generations. That is a lot to take in- because then it also leads to more questions. WHY has this been happening for so long? WHY are so many people dealing with chronic illness? WHO is profiting off of our illness?

In order to truly heal, we have to face the TRUTH of things: our environment has been twisted and turned into the perfect storm to create issues.

This isn’t to discourage or instill fear. This is to show you the darkness behind our current situation- and without darkness, there cannot be light. We are all healing and we are all undoing the travesty of the last 100 years.


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