Why do we CRAVE Sugar?

Why do we CRAVE Sugar?

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Why do we CRAVE Sugar?

I think we have the wrong idea when it comes to sugar. For decades, fat was demonized as being unhealthy and something to avoid for better health. Now we know better about fat and how it is actually essential for our health, but now the “enemy” has been replaced with SUGAR.

Come on, guys. Instead of looking for one specific scapegoat for our health issues, can’t we realize what the real enemy is- processed foods in all forms and over-consumption. Natural sugars have always been in existence, but our ancestors used to eat MUCH less than we do, plus they didn’t have all of these horrible variations of sugar that we have today: high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified sugars, etc.


Why do we crave sugar so much though?

A craving for sugar is almost always a craving for ENERGY! Remember when you were a kid and you would eat a piece of candy, which would make you bounce around the house for a time?  That was because the sugar was a quick energy source. When our bodies are fatigued they want to make us continually give them the fastest energy source they can, which unfortunately is sugar.

Does this mean we should eat massive amounts of sugar? NO! This craving means several things: your adrenals are exhausted, your digestion is likely off, and you are not giving your body the proper amounts of good fats and proteins to sustain energy through the day.  Protein and fat are both essential for balancing blood sugar, and most people are not getting enough of them. Plus, most people are dealing with low stomach acid and bile flow to help digest and utilize them properly.


How to Curb Sugar Cravings

  • Balance your metabolism:  Many people are in a state of slow oxidation, which means that metabolism is sluggish. The body just cannot keep up with energy levels to help us get through the day. Using HTMA is very helpful to determine your metabolism, and if your minerals are playing a role in your inability to handle sugar properly. You can read all about HTMA and metabolism here.
  • Focus on good Protein sources: Protein is especially needed for those with sluggish metabolisms as protein helps to support a healthier metabolic rate. The best sources include grass-fed collagen, Whey protein (undenatured and grass-fed is best), pastured eggs, grass-fed beef, organic chicken and turkey, and of course beans, nuts, seeds, etc if tolerated.
  • Focus on better Fat sources: Fast oxidizers tend to do better with more fats than anything, but most people these days are dealing with a sort of fat deficiency. The adrenals LOVE fat, but if digestion is sluggish it can be hard to utilize fats well (see next point on how to fix this). Good fats include: ghee and MCT oil (the best fats for slow oxidizers), grass-fed butter, coconut oil, grass-fed dairy (cream cheese, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, heavy cream), avocado, fish, nuts, chocolate, meats, eggs, and olives. Fat bombs are very helpful to add quality fats through the day!
  • Heal your Gut: We need adequate stomach acid to digest and utilize protein, and we need sufficient bile flow to utilize fats. Apple cider vinegar and bitter herbs are my top choices for these 2 issues, but you can see all of my gut healing tips here.
  • Heal your liver (which is responsible for reducing blood sugar swings by about 50%!): The liver helps us balance blood sugar, digest and utilize fats, and it has several hundred other functions. Bitter herbs are the most helpful tool for digesting fats and proteins better. BioRay Liver Life is my top choice for healing the liver over a long term basis. See all of my liver healing tips here.
  • Use better sweeteners. At the end of the day, sugar is not the enemy. It’s all about balance, how well our bodies are working, and knowing what sweeteners are actually good for us. Raw honey, blackstrap molasses, organic maple syrup, fresh fruits, and coconut sugar are all great sources.
  • Herbs like gymnena can help with better blood sugar balancing as well.


If you find that you feel worse with any particular sugar, then of course cutting it out until you heal is a good idea. But I know many people that have cut out sugar for years with no apparent benefit to their health because so many diets claim that sugar is the devil and we should avoid it. If you have a yeast issue and are on a sugar-free diet, please read my post here about what is the true root cause of this issue! A lot of the issue comes down to leaky gut, sluggish liver, and exhausted adrenals.


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