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Welcome to Sassy Holistics

Welcome! If you found your way here you are likely on the path to better health and wellness. My name is Kristin and I started Sassy Holistics to help people HEAL. People are becoming more aware of their own health and how they can actually HEAL their chronic illnesses which is amazing! Here at Sassy Holistics we are focused on a few big things: real holistic healing, herbal remedies, nutrition, and mineral balancing. We believe that when we give our bodies what they need, they can heal from almost anything.

Looking for support in your healing journey?

If you want guidance in your journey, then our HTMA service is the best place to start. We’ve helped thousands of people get on the path to better health with HTMA and our plans based on real nutrition and healing. Hair tissue mineral analysis gives us insight on many things: gut health, how you are detoxing, what state your adrenals are in, and more. We use a mix of whole food nutrition, herbal supplements, and other natural remedies to help with healing. Click here to read more about HTMA and to order.

Looking to learn more about health and wellness?

If you are more of a DIY type of person and want to just learn more information so you can heal yourself, then check out all of my courses at Sassy Holistics Learning Academy.

I designed these courses for those that are wanting to truly understand how their bodies work and how to heal. After 5+ years as a holistic health nutritionist, I have seen one big trend with my clients:

Those that learn more about health have an easier time healing.

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In 2020 I decided to start my own crystal shop! Crystals have been a huge helper for me personally, especially with healing trauma and breaking free of limiting beliefs and old thought patterns.

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