How to Detox Uranium

How to Detox Uranium

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How to Detox Uranium

Uranium is a common heavy metal on the HTMA.  Uranium is a naturally occurring element but it has the potential to be toxic. I just wanted to make a short post as a reference for those that have noticed high uranium levels on their HTMA.


Sources of Uranium:

  • Uranium is very high in granite deposit- so those that mine granite or live near a granite mine are at risk for high exposure
  • Food grown in soil that is high in uranium (again, this would be from farms close to granite mines)
  • Water (usually from fertilizer runoff!)
  • Factories that use a form of uranium for the production of aircraft parts, plating, and munitions
  • Uranium also tends to go hand in hand with radon gas– if you have very high uranium you should check your home for radon!


States highest in Uranium:

  • California- a majority of the tests that I see with high Uranium are from those in California
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Conneticut
  • Kansas
  • Colorado


Health effects of Uranium:

The most common side effect of excess uranium is decreased kidney function. Uranium can build up in the bones, liver and kidneys


What to do about High Uranium?



TEI Labs on Uranium


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2 thoughts on “How to Detox Uranium”

  1. Recently underwent a hair analysis which showed high levels of uranium. We live in Cebu City, Philippines, which is not known for any kind of uranium. So it’s a mystery where this came from! How should I begin to get it out of me???

  2. Very odd if it’s not something commonly dealt with over there! I hope you figure out if there is a source because that can be a big factor in how you can reduce it. I have my mega metal detox post here:

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