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How to Detox Uranium

Uranium is a common heavy metal on the HTMA

Uranium is a naturally occurring element but it has the potential to be toxic. I just wanted to make a short post as a reference for those that have noticed high uranium levels on their HTMA.

Sources of Uranium:

  • Uranium is very high in granite deposit- so those that mine granite or live near a granite mine are at risk for high exposure
  • Food grown in soil that is high in uranium (again, this would be from farms close to granite mines)
  • Water (usually from fertilizer runoff!)
  • Factories that use a form of uranium for the production of aircraft parts, plating, and munitions
  • Uranium also tends to go hand in hand with radon gas– if you have very high uranium you should check your home for radon!

States highest in Uranium:

  • California- a majority of the tests that I see with high Uranium are from those in California
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Conneticut
  • Kansas
  • Colorado

Health effects of Uranium:

The most common side effect of excess uranium is decreased kidney function. Uranium can build up in the bones, liver and kidneys

What to do about High Uranium?


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