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Update on How I am Healing from Mold Illness

I’ve been healing from mold illness for a few years now

If you’ve been following Sassy Holistics for awhile you might have already seen me talking about mold illness. If you aren’t sure what this is all about, check my main post here.

Basically, since so many people are nutritionally depleted these days we are reacting to things that we shouldn’t really react to. If your home, school, or workplace have mold issues then you can develop mold illness. This can lead to many horrible symptoms and health issues and it is one of the most serious issues that you can deal with. If you do not deal with mold, you cannot heal from anything- period. It’s THAT bad, and it’s often a huge reason why people get stuck in their healing.

We were in a moldy apt for 4 years total- we didn’t know how bad mold was until about 2 years in. We couldn’t move and the landlord wouldn’t fix the issue, so we did our best. I got the HI Tech to help and it really did work well while we were there so we could prevent ourselves from getting worse. Since the issue started with our downstairs neighbors and the landlord wouldn’t properly remediate, there was no way for us to actually fix the issue there 100%. My husband and son got better much quicker than I did too! But we weren’t able to completely heal there.

While we were there I became very very sensitive to many things. I couldn’t tolerate much that would cause detox so I stuck to a few items to help me through: Bioray Loving Energy, dandelion root tea, Microbe Formulas Biotox, and then I would rotate through other items as needed/tolerated (collagen, immune teas like Gypsy Cold Care and Echinacea plus, nettles, infrared heating pad). I was also doing acupuncture which was a HUGE helper for me, and then started Reiki last year too.

We finally moved out almost 3 months ago!

Within the first week I had a lot of symptoms disappear (coughing, feeling feverish but not having a fever, sore throat). Since then, we’ve all been doing so much better. My son had a huge growth spurt and started eating so many new foods all of a sudden. My husband has had more energy and is just feeling better mentally overall. I’ve been slowly regaining strength too.

Currently, I am still reacting to things if I do too much. So I am still sticking with some simple items to help me through- Loving Energy, small amounts of Liver Life when tolerated, dandelion root, I’m doing nettles daily now again, lots of fermented foods. My appetite has came back too so I’m working on eating a lot more than I used to (when I do that, I sleep better and I consistently lose more weight- yea, being in mold made me gain a lot back 🙁 ugh).

Everyone is different

My main takeaway here is that everyone is so different with mold. There is no one answer for it all so you have to evaluate what you think is right. For me, it was almost MORE important to start working in emotional healing. After acupuncture and Reiki I felt like I was thrown into healing my emotional traumas. I started meditating a lot. I started healing from my defense mechanisms. Then I worked on reducing fear. I worked on being more present and I tried to stop over-reacting when things wouldn’t go my way. I’ve worked on surrendering to the process of healing because that is SO important.

If I had to summarize: assess mold in your environment and see what makes sense to you (remediation, moving, or just cleaning- I still highly recommend the Hi Tech). Stick with a few staples that you tolerate to support detox and drainage to keep mold moving out of the body. Work on your nervous system and adrenals to help your stress response. Address emotional traumas because it will keep you in a stress loop, whether you have mold issues or not.

Check out my main post on mold for more suggestions on how to address this issue and how to heal.

Get an HTMA here if you’d like to work with us on healing from mold illness.

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