True Healing

True Healing is not for those that are Not Committed

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I first wrote that phrase about 6 years ago when I started realizing that health really is more complicated than we have even known. It’s not just about popping a pill, or eating a salad a day. It’s not about running yourself ragged at the gym, or starving yourself to stay thin. REAL, long lasting health is about a total lifestyle change. It’s about eating as clean as you can, eliminating toxic people from your life, changing your household products to less toxic ones, healing deep emotional traumas, and so much more. It’s about accepting that true healing takes time, energy, patience, hard work, and faith.

In my journey as a practitioner, I have had to realize that not every one wants to fully heal, even though I have always wanted to do my best to heal everyone. Most people want quick solutions like they are used to (because that is all conventional medicine does for us: gives us band-aids to cover up the true issues). They want to just manage their symptoms and hope for the best. This might actually work for some people. But as time goes on, more people realize that their band-aids are falling off, and they are creating more issues in the long term. They are like a ship on water with a ton of holes that have been patched up with paper- eventually the paper gets wet, and the boat starts sinking because the band-aids are not strong enough to keep that person afloat.

Many of us have taken up the responsibility of healing in full. It is not an easy path, and again, it is not for everyone. Many of us have years, decades, and generations of damage to undo. This isn’t going to happen overnight. Even though it is not usually our fault that we ended up this way, it IS our responsibility to fix it and to break this cycle, especially for our kids and the future generations to come. A phrase that is going around a lot now is “pain travels through generations until someone is ready to feel it”, and this resonates with many of my clients that are in this healing journey for the long haul. They accept that we’ve got work to do, and many of them are willing to put the work in because it’s not just about us at this point- it is about learning how to be truly healthy and imparting this knowledge on future generations to come.

Doctors in Homeopathy, herbalists, and true holistic healers have known for hundreds of years that healing is a process.  We have layers to peel back, and these days our layers are thicker than our ancestors’ were.  In healing, we know about the phrase “healing crisis”. In most literature, you will find that most of the time they claim this reaction should last at most 3 days. I think this was WAY back when things weren’t nearly as bad as they are now.  Because we have so many more added worries: generational trauma, generational deficiencies/toxicities, GMOs, massive amounts of vaccines, overuse of antibiotics, pharma drug use from early ages, pesticides/herbicides, EMFs, chronic infections, etc. There is more to heal, so it will take more time to heal, period.

Our goal is Long Term Healing

Our plans are designed for true, long term healing. We’re working on the root causes of most issues: gut, liver, mineral imbalances, etc. I wrote this post almost 2 years ago to explain this phrase in more detail because I knew that this was truly the best way to achieve long lasting results in health and wellness. Undoing years of damage just takes time, but it is an essential path to take if you are hoping to truly heal.

Mineral Balancing science states that it takes up to 2 years to fully heal all of our deficiencies. Severe burnout can take anywhere from 1-5 years to heal from (source).

Some of the top experts in Lyme these days recommend at LEAST 1-2 years of basic foundational care before even working on the underlying infections, and that can take yet another 1-2 years.

Those with emotional trauma will usually need to work on physical healing at first for a good 6 months at least before they can physically handle the emotional healing, which can include release of stored emotions and toxins.

This healing journey is often a wake up call for many people. It can help to point out places in your life that need work. It can show you that you are stretching yourself too thin, and not taking enough care of yourself. It’s a sign to stop and re-evaluate things before your health gets worse. I don’t say these things to discourage people, but only to say the truth. For many people, the healing journey will be easy. But for many others, it will be one of the hardest things we’ve ever gone through.


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