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Tips for Surviving Holiday Stress

OK First of all- HOW is it the end of October already?! The first half of this year was soooo slow, but it feels like it was only July yesterday. We’re already into one of the most stressful times of the year- at least, they can be pretty stressful if you have a chronic illness.

I wanted to put together a little guide for those that might need some extra help during the holidays. Work gets busier, family can get more demanding, and even going food shopping can be hectic with the increase of people in stores. Plus, with the increase of junk food around it can be hard to stick to a good diet!

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Adrenal Support

The adrenals tend to take a bit hit during any kind of stress. I would definitely do your best to support your adrenals during the holidays to help take some of the stress off of your body. So if you’ve been slacking on adrenal support or it’s not even on your radar, I’d get into the habit of loving your adrenals.

My faves for adrenal support:

  • Loving Energy from BioRay- This is the most balancing and best tolerated adaptogen I’ve been able to find. It works well in tandem with the other BioRay tinctures, and you can increase your dose during times of stress or detox. Click here to read more!
  • Vitamin C- We don’t store much vitamin C in the body, but most of what we do store is in the adrenals. When we’re stressed, we can burn through those stores. My favorite whole food vitamin C is Synergy Pure Radiance. You can also use single sources like amla, acerola cherry, or rosehip powder.
  • Nettle Infusions- These are basically a whole body tonic but they can be so helpful for those with adrenal issues. Anyone with adrenal fatigue will have issues with low nutrients, and when we’re under stress we can burn through them even more. Nettle infusions are one of the best ways to replenish these nutrients. Read all about nettles here!


This can be one of the hardest, and it really will differ depending on the person. Some really need to avoid common triggers that you’ll find in most holiday treats (especially if they are just made with conventional, non-organic ingredients). But for others that might have more tolerance, it’s usually best to just limit yourself on the naughty stuff OR make cleaner versions of your favorite holiday treats.

I am a big believer in balance with all things. So if you eat very well for most of the year and like to actually enjoy treats during the holidays, I think that makes a LOT of sense. And it makes it more enjoyable! I usually end up making our own special treats from scratch like caramel apple pie or cookies and I just use the cleanest ingredients I can find.


Just do what you can to breathe if things are getting too crazy. Even just getting 10 minutes a day to catch your breath can make a world a difference. Breathing exercises like Butekyo breathing, legs on the wall yoga pose, listening to your favorite music, journaling, getting a massage, taking a nice long bath, or even making yourself your favorite tea are some quick ideas to help your stress levels.

Also, this is the time of year we tend to just deal with toxic family or friends for the sake of the holidays. If this is the case for you, just remember that you CAN say no to invites. You are not obligated to keep people in your life that cause you stress or strife. I know this can be so hard, but as we heal ourselves we tend to realize that we’ve put up with certain situations for so long. It’s ok to want better for yourself and your family.

Digestion Support

My husband and I have had a joke for years about how we need our vinegar if we eat something we might not tolerate well. It might seem like such a quick fix, but it truly works! We don’t indulge in many “bad” treats, but if we do we always make sure to have our ACV on hand. Just 1 tablespoon in a glass of water tends to do the trick for us.

Apple cider vinegar, bitter herbs spray, and dandelion root tea are usually the best daily staples to use to help with digestive support in general. But they can be even more helpful during the holidays if you are eating foods that you don’t normally consume. Of course it would be ideal to only eat the clean foods you’re used to, but I completely understand how some family and friends are just not into that lifestyle (yet!) and you might be stuck eating foods you haven’t had in quite some time.

OK so there you have it! My top tips for managing stress a bit better during the holiday season. No matter what you are dealing with, I hope that the holiday season is amazing for you!

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