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This is NOT Cute or Funny

It’s time to be blunt about this…

Not long ago, there was a photo going around of a liquor section in a store that had a sign that said, “homeschooling supplies”. Implying that in order to deal with your children, you need to be sh!t-faced to accomplish schooling them. Online you can even find set of cups encouraging this: a coffee cup for morning, a wine glass for night time because you HAVE to have both everyday just to get through the day.  

I have also seen a lot more people in the health community bringing this up, and I’m glad about that. When did it become acceptable to be so addicted to these things, like it’s a badge of honor if you have to drink a pot of coffee and a bottle of wine every night? 

If your life is truly this stressful, then something needs to change. Society wants us to believe we need to use stimulants or numbing agents so we can force ourselves to be busy 25/8 but this is NOT right. If you need coffee to function, then your body is in DIRE need of some actual healing- your adrenals are likely fried and screaming for real support.  

Part of switching to a more natural lifestyle is realizing how backwards everything has been for so long. And that a lot of “jokes” out there are a marketing scheme to get you to be a lifelong subscriber of coffee and booze. And trust me, I KNOW BECAUSE I USED TO BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. I was “lucky” enough that my body said ENOUGH when I was 22 and I quit both alcohol and caffeine even though I was dependent on both for a time.  

Now if you have a real addiction to alcohol, please know I that I understand this is different. This is not applying to you. Real help is out there for this issue and I know you will find it!

If you need help with getting your energy back and feeling whole again, that is what we’re here for! Starting with HTMA to see your mineral balance and adrenal strength is the best place to start.

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