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The Many Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Collagen

What are collagen and Gelatin?

Gelatin and collagen are mostly known for their gut healing properties but they are also a great source of natural protein and amino acids.

โ€œGelatin is just a processed version of a structural protein called collagen that is found in many animals, including humans. Collagen makes up almost one-third of all the protein in the human body. Collagen is a fibrous protein that strengthens the bodyโ€™s connective tissues and allows them to be elastic, that is, to stretch without breaking. As you get older, your body makes less collagen, and individual collagen fibers become increasingly cross-linked with each other. You might experience this as stiff joints from less flexible tendons, or wrinkles due to loss of skin elasticity.โ€ (source)

What gelatin and collagen can help with:

  • Hair and Nail health
  • Healing and sealing the gut lining
  • Provides highly digestible protein, which is great for those with low stomach acid and adrenal fatigue
  • Helps provide amino acids for muscle health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Great for joint health
  • Helps sleep
  • Heals a sluggish metabolism
  • Promotes Healthy Brain Function
  • Can help reduce or eliminate wrinkles and cellulite!

Perfect Supplements has absolutely amazing collagen and gelatin.

Their collagen has an awesome 97% of protein, one of the highest amounts on the market right now. It is grass-fed, 100% non-GMO as well as pesticide and hormone free.


Now there are single serving packets for the grass-fed collagen, perfect for vacations and any time you need to be on-the-go!

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Collagen can be used in just about everything since it doesn’t gel! Mix it in coffee, smoothies, or even food to get a good boost of protein!

Also, Perfect Supplements now has Organic Free Range Chicken Bone broth powder!! Chicken bone broth is usually a better start for those with histamine issues vs a beef bone broth/powder. This container has a full 30 servings and comes out to be more affordable than some of the other bone broth powders I have seen. Plus you still get 10% off with the SASSY code!

More ideas on how to use collagen and gelatin, including hair and face masks.

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