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The Ultimate Empath Survival Set

The Ultimate Empath Survival Set

Are you an empath? Have you ever heard that term before? I remember when I first learned what that actually was and it was MIND BLOWING. I finally had an explanation of why I was the way I was! It was life changing, and it helped me to determine the issues that I needed to address: setting boundaries, healing old traumas, and protecting my energy from outside sources.

Signs you are an empath:

  1. People ALWAYS come to you to unload their problems, whether they are friends, family, or even strangers
  2. You can feel the emotions of others when you’re speaking to them (even through text or on the phone)
  3. Large crowds make you very nervous (because there is a lot of different energy there- it gets so overwhelming)
  4. You can sense the mood of a room as soon as you walk in
  5. You can tell when someone is lying to you
  6. Sometimes you can sense something is going to happen, or you think of a person and they contact you later that day
  7. The moon and planetary retrogrades influence your energy levels and mood
  8. You have a HUGE bond with animals (and maybe even prefer them to people)
  9. You’ve always had a drive to help others, and you might have ended up in a career like health care or counseling
  10. You’re usually very emotional- mood swings, crying easily, and feeling very deeply are all very big signs of being an empath
  11. It’s hard for you to make boundaries. Since people are so drawn to you, you want to help all of them. This can lead to people using you quite a bit too if you’re not aware of what is going on.
  12. If you’ve deal with physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and trauma before you might become even more hypersensitive to emotions. You might choose to be more of an introvert, find it hard to connect with others, or even struggle in relationships.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst are the BEST Crystals for Empaths

There are many, many crystal combinations out there but one of my favorites is rose quartz and amethyst together.  Rose Quartz and Amethyst are one of these amazing pairs that enhance each other’s healing abilities. Pink and purple is always a classic color combination, but these 2 stones offer so much when they are in the same piece of jewelry. They both are amazing stones for empaths, they help with protecting you from negative energy, and they can help to enhance your own sense of self-love and self-worth.

My Empath Survival Set comes with one amethyst pendant, one rose quartz pendant, and a Rose Quartz and Amethyst Bracelet with Silver Lotus Charm.  The PERFECT combination for protecting your energy, enhancing your empath gifts, and for going inward to begin your self love journey.

Rose Quart Properties:

  • Known as the love stone!!
  • Increases sense of self-worth
  • Great for healing romantic relationships or attracting new ones
  • Opens the heart for compassion for others
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Great for empaths as it helps to increase empathy for others while also creating better boundaries for oneself
  • Can help with those dealing with grief
  • Can help with healing the heart chakra

Amethyst properties:

  • Helps with inner strength
  • Can enhance intuition
  • Can help with calming an anxious mind
  • Very grounding
  • Clears the body of negative energy while attracting positive energy,
  • Helps to break free of old and stuck patterns
  • Can help with sleep
  • Encourages creativity
  • Can stimulate the crown chakra

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