The Time to Heal is NOW

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There has been a recurring message over the last few weeks in the natural health world:

The time to heal is NOW.

With the world in panic mode, it is starting to become even more apparent that it’s time for everyone to start taking more responsibility for their own health and wellness. Many people are incredibly worried about catching the new virus because they have a chronic, underlying illness and it can make them more susceptible right now.

Well…. what if I told you that you do NOT have live with a chronic illness? That you could actually reverse a large majority of the health issues that you’re dealing with? That you could get stronger and more resilient?

Because you CAN.

If you ditch the toxins, eat better foods, practice better self care, and embraced natural health for what it is (TRUE health care) then you can heal!

The whole earth is suffering right now, and a big reason is because of what we’re doing to it AND ourselves. The toxins in our everyday products, hormones in our food or birth control pills, the medications, etc are all effecting the world. We have proof that fertility levels are way down and they continue to drop.

If we heal ourselves, we can heal the world.

3 years I wrote a post about this. Many people have been listening and making changes to better their health. But it usually takes something HUGE for people to truly want to make lifelong changes. Unfortunately, this took the rest of the world something incredibly scary and serious to finally start to realize the truth.

Our “health care” system sucks. It’s overpriced sure, but the worst part is that conventional medicine doesn’t even focus on health. They know nothing about true wellness, nutrition, or staying healthy. Their main purpose is to prescribe drugs to treat symptoms. This is why over the last decade, many people have started to take things into their own hands! Doctors aren’t helping people to actually HEAL so people have turned to natural health.

As we heal ourselves, we can learn to heal our family. As we continue to heal, we can also inspire friends and neighbors to heal. There is a chain reaction that happens with healing. Once people see the sense in it and the long term benefits, it will continue to spread. We start with ourselves though!

Some HUGE reasons why it’s time to change:

  1. Medical Error is one of the top causes of death in this country.  The third main cause to be exact; right behind cancer and heart disease (which are pretty much man-made diseases for the most part thanks to environmental toxins and terrible dietary advice over the last several decades). (source)
  2. The USA is last in health on a list of the 17 most developed countries
  3. Kids now have shorter estimated lifespans than we do! Want to read more about the massive increase of health issues in kids? Click here.
  4. The leading cause of death of children ages 5-14 is CANCER. 1 in 5 children will get a diagnosis of cancer now.
  5. On top of that, 90% of cancers are environmental! Read more about these causes here!
  6. Over 2 million people are harmed each year because of the overuse of antibiotics. Superbugs are on the rise because of this overuse too. (source)
  7. 11% of the population of people aged 12 (!!) and over on at least one anti-depressant. (And take into consideration that “About 8% of persons aged 12 and over with no current depressive symptoms took antidepressant medication.” SOURCE-CDC So people ARE being given these pills for no apparent reason)
  8. More people die each year from properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs than illicit drugs. Plus, so many of these other top causes of death on this list are related to DIET and are treatable or even preventable.

Take Back your Power!

We are all our own healers. We all hold the ability to heal ourselves already- inside of us! No external person or force can do it for you, but they can definitely help you reach your goals more efficiently. As we shift out of the current wave of fear going on in the world right now, more people will start realizing this.

Over the last year or so I have been really starting to call myself a “guide” more. Although I do have a degree in nutrition, I’ve never really taken on a title like nutritionist because it just didn’t feel right to me. I don’t love labels to begin with honestly, so I feel so much more comfortable saying guide- as that is what I do most! You can read my whole post on unleashing your inner healer here.

How We Can Help You Heal

HTMA is the BEST place to start to work on your overall health. A properly read HTMA can give you insight on your gut health, detox ability, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, and so much more. HTMA is the ultimate test for foundational care, which is essential for healing from any chronic illness. We create tailored plans for your personal needs to make it easier to heal.

You can read more about HTMA and our practitioners here.

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Now in a time of crisis, it is even more apparent how broken the system is. People are worried because they are uninsured and fearful of the cost of care if they get sick. But most people have NO idea how to truly support their immune systems! We’ve become so dependent on medical care, that we don’t know even basic herbal and nutritional knowledge. If you are worried about coronavirus, you can check out my whole post on this here.

The time to heal is now! It’s time for a holistic health revolution.

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Welcome to Sassy Holistics! My name is Kristin, and I'm a Holistic Health Coach. I've been on the path to help people achieve better health using whole food nutrition, mineral balancing, and holistic healing principles for almost 7 years now.

The body is a whole and we must treat it as such! I have my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, certificates in Herbal Studies from Herbal Academy, and I am constantly learning more about health to help my clients and followers.

My goal is to help you unleash your own inner healer! You already hold the power to heal inside you. My role is as a guide to help you realize this potential.
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