The Rise of the Divine Feminine

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I’ve come to truly understand why we are in the rise of the Divine Feminine.

Since I have been an adult, I have been obsessed with history. I never really knew the reason why I was so drawn to it, and I still am not 100% sure. But I can at least see now that my love of history has made me understand why the Divine Feminine is rising now, and what this truly means.

In school, history is mostly about battles and conquering land. In all my years of going to school I do not recall ever learning about how women were treated throughout time. Since the dawn of Christianity, women have especially been given a hard time.

But what is the “divine feminine”? If you’ve seen this phrase around, you might be wondering what it really means. It’s not about feminism (which can be so toxic). It’s about healing the collective trauma of women for many thousands of years. And it’s about recognizing that women are powerful, amazing, and worth healing.

What Women Had to Endure

We were considered to be property of men.

We were made to obey men without question or risk being beaten, or killed.

A man could legally murder his wife if he felt it was called for.

We were sold to men like cattle or sheep.

We were told to be quiet, shut up, have no mind of your own. It was considered unladylike to have an opinion of anything other than needlework and childbearing.

Girls were not “worthy” of education since their main goal in life was to provide children.

Even women in “power” (queens, duchesses, etc) didn’t have any power of their own- it was all given by their husbands.

If a girl was raped, she was ruined and her reputation tarnished, when it was no fault of her own.

Women had their children taken away to be raised by other people so they could get right back to conceiving the next child.

Women could be cast aside like nothing if they could not provide heirs. They were considered failures if they could not produce sons (something that cannot be controlled). They were also considered to be the problem even if the man was actually infertile- because how dare anyone say that men were weak like this?

Women were considered to be witches if they had any knowledge of herbs. They were burned at the stake, drowned, beaten, ostracized.

Women were looked down upon as inferior with no valid reason or logical explanation other than men just deciding this to be true.

Women were not even allowed to open their own bank accounts until the 1970s. They were not allowed to go to ivy league schools. They could not adopt a child on their own unless they were married.

Many women also experienced horrible conditions for many years while giving birth. They had very little say in how they were “allowed” to give birth.

“Female hysteria”- need I say more?

For many years women did not even have the opportunity to make as much money as men, even if they had the same qualifications and had the same title.

Enough is enough!

For thousands of years, women have been treated like absolute garbage. Like toys, like livestock. Things are improving, yes, but there is a distorted view of what it truly is to be a woman now. We are constantly being told we’re too fat, too ugly, not good enough by society. Now women are told they are empowered if they use their bodies for gaining fame and popularity. We went from one extreme to the other it seems, and we have no idea what it truly means to be feminine.I think as a collective we need to think about this.

What does it mean to be a woman, to be feminine?

Women are healers.

Women are full of love and compassion and empathy.

Women are smart and capable.

Without women, mankind would not be able to keep going.

We are life bearers, and bringers of new beginnings.

We are emotionally strong.

We are powerful.

It is time for the rise of women. To claim back our power. To bring BALANCE to the world, because ultimately that is what we need. BALANCE. It is not about feminism, or the world being dominated by only one side- masculine or feminine. It is about the balance between the two. We all have divine masculine and divine feminine within us. Both sides are wounded. But we are the healers of the new Earth.

I am by no means an expert on the astrological or energy shifts that we’ve been going through as a collective over the last few years. And we also do need to heal our divine masculine sides. But right now, it is the divine feminines that need to step up and take charge.

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