Best Crystals for Aries

The Best Crystals for Aries

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The Best Crystals for Aries

Aries: March 21-April 19

Aries sun signs are best known for being competitive, fiery, and eager in all things. The following crystals can help with enhancing these characteristics and supporting a Aries with overall internal balance.



Amethyst is well-known for aiding in enhancing our natural intuitive abilities, which makes it incredibly popular for those that are starting to learn more about spirituality and how the Universe has our back. It is a very soothing stone too- it is great for those that tend to suffer with anxiety and restlessness. Amethyst is one of the easiest stones to find too because of its popularity.

Amethyst properties:

  • Helps with inner strength
  • Can enhance intuition
  • Can help with calming an anxious mind
  • Very grounding
  • Clears the body of negative energy while attracting positive energy,
  • Helps to break free of old and stuck patterns
  • Can help with sleep
  • Encourages creativity
  • Can stimulate the crown chakra


Citrine is a rare stone that is incredible for sacral chakra healing, easy manifestation, and to increase creativity. Most citrine out there is just heat treated amethyst because citrine itself is so hard to come by. Citrine gives off a gorgeous warm energy that can help with balancing all 3 of the lower chakras. It supports a person with their dreams and goals, brings calmness to the mind, and can help with increasing luck.

Citrine Benefits:

  • One of the BEST manifestation stones
  • Helps with increasing creativity immensely which can help us with figuring out ways to achieve our dreams and desires
  • Supports healthy sexual energy (related to the sacral chakra)
  • Opens all 3 of the lower chakras to support a person in the manifestation process
  • Brings warmth, joy, calmness, and clarity
  • Can transmute negative energy and turn it into positive energy
  • One of the few stones that doesn’t need to be cleansed
  • Increases energy in the body and can support a healthy metabolic rate- overall it is a great stone to support health and wellness
  • Can help with sleep
  • Works very well with amethyst as they enhance each other’s energy


Moldavite is a RARE stone that has really interesting history behind it. It’s said that it comes from meteorite that crashed near the Czech Republic more than 14 MILLION years ago! It is very hard to find and is incredibly rare since it only comes from this one area. There are a few sources that talk about use of this stone around 25,000 BC! Moldavite was used for amulets and arrowheads. Some even believe that moldavite was actually the stone on the Holy Grail. No matter what the truth is, moldavite is a very powerful stone that can help with major transformation.

Moldavite Benefits:

  • VERY high vibrational stone- it is so strong that you can often feel the warmth or energy as soon as you hold it (you can use with a grounding stone to help with this feeling if it’s too much)
  • Works on transforming your life- so if you feel stuck and are ready for huge changes, then moldavite is the stone for you. I have seen anecdotes from people that love moldavite because it brought in HUGE change for them- new jobs, new relationships, more financial abundance, and more!
  • Can help with protecting from negative energy
  • When used with Rose quartz it can help immensely with healing oneself especially when it comes to emotional trauma, increasing compassion, and heart healing
  • If you are interested in this stone, I highly recommend reading this site to learn more about its rare and powerful properties.

Green Aventurine

Known as the Stone of Luck, green aventurine really emanates LUCK! It’s like a four leaf clover in crystal form. This stone is known for supporting one through difficult changes and new oppurtunities. It is also a very well known stone of abundance! You can actually use aventurine with lapiz lazuli to really increase your chances of luck and good fortune.

Green Aventurine Benefits:

  • Helps with healing the heart chakra
  • Brings LUCK! Green aventurine is considered to be the luckiest out of all crystals.
  • Helps with manifesting more financial abundance, and can help us to develop a better relationship with money
  • Great for Aries and Leo zodiac signs (but can be used by anyone!)
  • Brings a sense of peace and calmness
  • Supports a happier life- aventurine can help us to enjoy life more and it can spark a fire within us that prompts us to LIVE more
  • Brings confidence, courage, and strength to the wearer
  • Increases our optimism
  • Helps us to take action on our dreams and desires
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