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Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest

“Take what resonates and leave the rest.”

This is a very valuable lesson that I learned last year and I’d like to open up conversation about it.

The internet is a very triggering place. When we are triggered, a large majority of the time it is because we are not sure how to control our own reactions to things. If we find the need to HAVE to argue, or we get physical symptoms (like anxiety, heart racing, anxiety) from something that we read online then this is sign that we’ve got to heal our triggers.

Learn to be present and observe yourself in moments like this. Ask yourself- why does this trigger me? Do I feel wronged in some way? Do I disagree but want to make them see my side? Is this making me truly angry? Do I feel personally attacked? Why do I care if they say something I don’t believe to be true?

When we learn from our triggers we can start to read things without feeling emotionally reactive. We can learn things that we otherwise might not have accepted. This was what I learned last year! I stopped letting my ego control me and I started to ask questions. I stopped trying to argue and convince other people of what MY truth was. Because my truth is my truth- your truth is your truth. It is not my job to *make* you understand my side, and vice versa.

For many people you have to reach a certain point in healing before you understand what you resonate with. You have to learn to look beyond what your ego wants to believe. You have to be willing to question everything you’ve ever thought was true.

It is no one else’s job to tell you what to believe. But it is your job to learn to discern the truth for yourself. This often takes practice over a long period of time because you’ll find that many things you thought to be true actually weren’t true. Or you’ll realize that your reactions to many things are actually trauma responses and you need to figure out how to get yourself out of it.

When you learn to heal it is much easier to not get angry when you see something you disagree with. You don’t have to throw out entire friendships or relationships because you disagree on ONE thing. You don’t have to hate someone and stop trusting them because of ONE thing. You’ve got to learn to take what resonates, and then leave the rest.

I wrote a post about using discernment recently as well if you’d like to read more about this.

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