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The Best Crystals for Virgo

The Best Crystals for Virgo Virgo August 23 - September 22 Virgos are most known for being a bit over-analytical and they can have a tendency towards being perfectionists. But they are often determined, very loyal to those that they love, and don't back down from a challenge. Sugilite Sugilite is a rare stone that is incredibly powerful! Apparently it has the nickname "love stone of ... Read the Post

The Best Crystals for Leo Sun Sign

The Best Crystals for Leo Sun Sign Leo July 23 - Aug 22 Leo's are known for being like the lions that they represent: confident, natural-born leaders, and independent. They can also be quite fiery and intense sometimes. Green Aventurine Known as the Stone of Luck, green aventurine really emanates LUCK! It’s like a four leaf clover in crystal form. This stone is known for supporting one ... Read the Post

Crystals for Taurus Sun Sign

The Best Crystals for Taurus Sun Sign Taurus April 20 - May 20 Taurus sun signs tend to be known for being very strong, completely dependable, and very creative. The following crystals can help with enhancing these characteristics and supporting a Taurus with overall internal balance. Rose Quartz Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for overall newbies to crystals, but it honestly ... Read the Post