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The Truth about your so-called Healthy Diet

Are you still eating low fat, high carb, and low calorie? I have seen so many posts before on what a typical healthy diet consists of, and what changes to make to eat better. 95% of the time these people are telling you to eat low fat, switch your butter for margarine or canola oil, and switch to diet soda instead of regular soda. Please know that these are NOT healthy changes. A Typical ... Read the Post

Why I don’t Make Diet Plans

I've only gotten asked about diet plans a handful of times over the last few years, but I thought it would make sense to write up a post about it. It is something that I've never really felt was needed, which might sound weird since I am in the nutrition field. But there are a few big reasons why I don't do this and why I never likely will. We're all Different This is a phrase I say all ... Read the Post

Common Sense Health and How to Truly Heal

Do you want to truly heal? Or just manage symptoms? There are truly a million and one ways to heal out there these days. Over the years, I have developed our programs to work more on the root causes of chronic illness. I want to see people HEAL, not get stuck on supplements for the rest of their lives. And yes, I said root CAUSES- there is often more than 1 root cause going on! I hope more ... Read the Post