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What is Basic Foundational Care for Healing?

We've been saying for the last year or so that what our main services include is basic foundational care. But what does that mean to us? It can have any number of meanings for people, and to many it might just seem like a confusing term, especially for those just getting into the natural health world. To me, foundational care means rebuilding our bodies from scratch. We have to undo the ... Read the Post

Why Informed Consent Needs to be a Priority in Healthcare

Informed Consent: What is it and Why should we care? This topic is something I speak about often but I feel like there is a need to fully explain it so we are all on the same page. From Wordnik, a simple definition of informed consent is "Consent by a patient to a surgical or medical procedure or participation in a clinical study after achieving an understanding of the relevant medical facts ... Read the Post

Why we do Retests for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Did you know that the best way to get results with HTMA is to retest on time? Hair tissue mineral analysis shows us about 3 months of time- it's a very solid view on what your body has been doing when it comes to your mineral levels over a longer period of time (versus blood or other tests).   The main reason why we retest the HTMA every 3-4 months is huge- you want to make sure that ... Read the Post