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Why you Might be Gaining Weight while Healing

No one wants to gain weight any more than they have to, I get it. But unfortunately weight gain is a common (short term!) side effect of beginning a nutritional balancing program. I've heard a theory that this weight gain happens for the same reason why women gain weight while pregnant- we need extra nourishment! Let's talk about why this happens and what we can do about it. After we start ... Read the Post

The Most Amazing Holistic Healing Modalities

Other Modalities of Healing that are Amazing! I am such a huge lover of HTMA and true holistic mineral balancing, but over the years I have learned about so many other awesome modalities to heal.  HTMA is a great base- at the end of the day, your minerals HAVE to be balanced in order for the body to heal.  We need a solid nutrition base in order to fix any health issues, period.  ... Read the Post

The Difference between Liver Healing and Liver Cleansing

Liver Healing vs. Liver Detox Most of my followers know that I am a huge Liver Lover! I can never stress the importance of the liver enough. It has about 500 functions in the body, and it takes a beating in our toxic world.  You can read more about liver health here, but we're going to go over some important points in this post: what the liver is for and why we need to love and support it- ... Read the Post