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Why I switched to a Holistic Lifestyle

I was just like every other person following the Standard American Diet and lifestyle.  I drank nothing but soda, I ate fast food almost daily, and I rarely exercised.  I was sick with infections every year as a child and had antibiotics at least once a year.  I was obese at the age of 9, but luckily my father took custody of me and managed to help me lose the weight I needed to ... Read the Post

Health Benefits of Vitamin A

I LOVE VITAMIN A! So many issues can be related to vitamin A deficiency. The 2 most abundant sources of retinol are liver and cod liver oil- 2 things which I had never even heard of until a few years ago (seriously, I didn’t know people could eat liver!). I am sure a majority of people in the Western world grew up the same- lots of process foods, very low fat and cholesterol, margarine, etc. We ... Read the Post

Why I don’t Recommend Multivitamin Supplements

I really dislike multivitamins Don't get me wrong though-in theory it sounds like a great idea. Get all of your essential nutrients in one pill everyday?! Who wouldn't want that? How much easier could it get to be healthy? Well, that is the problem- there is no easy answer to replenishing nutrients. You would never, ever find a food or drink in nature that has every single vitamin and mineral ... Read the Post