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My Favorite Supplement Companies

It is VERY hard to know who to trust these days, even supplement companies. While it is well-known that our soils are depleted of many minerals, it is also well-known that there are plenty of companies out there cashing in on the "natural health movement".  Just because a product says it is natural does not mean that it is effective.  There are many kinds of supplements out there- ... Read the Post

Minerals: What they are used for and where to find them!

All about Minerals! I wanted to make this post because there is one misconception about minerals that I hear often. Some people will say, "Oh I took magnesium/zinc/vitamin C, but it didn't work for me." The thing is, minerals don't just "work"- they are ESSENTIAL to life. Minerals are known as the spark plugs of life- we cannot look at them like we look at pharmaceuticals that are created for ... Read the Post

Whole Food Nutrition Ideas for Kids

When it comes to kids, they can be so picky! But a lot of them need some extra support as far as nutrients go. Iโ€™m going to pick a few of my favorite supplements for kids (most which I give my own son), and Iโ€™ll share how I get my son to actually consume these supplements! Supplements and Food Ideas for Kids Bee Pollen Bee pollen is considered natureโ€™s most balanced food.  It is ... Read the Post