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The Importance of Stomach Acid: Why Heartburn is often LOW Stomach Acid

Rethinking Heartburn: It's really low stomach acid In our world where heartburn and acid reflux medications are advertised every ten seconds, wouldn't it be strange to find out that most people have low stomach acid?  The heartburn products on the shelves are made to neutralize or reduce stomach acid- but in reality we tend to need to create more stomach acid to help digest our ... Read the Post

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits: All about this amazing healer A lot of people look at me funny (or scoff!) when I tell them that apple cider vinegar changed my life.  I had been suffering for years with chronic fatigue and pain, but after my gut completely gave up on me I got tired of being pushed around by doctors that clearly had no idea how to help me.  I couldn't digest anything at ... Read the Post