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How to Keep that Lymph Moving!

Helping your detoxification system will help immensely when it comes to clearing out environmental toxins as well. Keeping our livers and lymph system moving is essential. What is the Lymph System? The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in the body.  It is absolutely essential to keep this vital system functioning properly. The lymphatic system is very complex ... Read the Post

Rebounding: Bouncing back to Health!

For those of us that have experienced adrenal fatigue, we can completely understand how exercise can sound like a 4-letter word.  When you are so tired that you can barely lift a cup, the last thing you are thinking about is going to the gym.  However, we all know how important it is to stay physically active. Well, I have found a great compromise for us- rebounding! I want to explain ... Read the Post