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The Sodium and Potassium Ratio: Vitally Important!

The Sodium/Potassium ratio (henceforth known as the Na/K ratio) is the absolute most important ratio on the HTMA. The Na/K shows us our overall vitality, adrenal health, liver and kidney function, digestion, and how our body is reacting to stress. This is one of the hardest ratios to fix because both sodium and potassium have to be in a specific balance. Finding that balance can be difficult ... Read the Post

Whole Food Nutrition: Making the most out of your diet!

Whole Food Nutrition: How to HEAL with Food! I am a huge advocate for whole food nutrition. Because of this, one of the MAIN questions I am asked almost daily is, "How in the world would we even get enough nutrition from food if our soils are so depleted?" The answer is complicated. Yes, it is impossible to get 100% of the nutrients we need on a daily basis. But why does this automatically ... Read the Post

Sodium and Potassium: Two of the most Crucial Minerals!

Sodium and Potassium are truly two of the most crucial minerals! They are involved in so many functions: detox, adrenal health, hormonal balance, energy, and more. There seems to be an epidemic of low potassium and sodium, especially for those using HTMA. I very rarely see good levels of either nutrient. Most of our lives, we've been eating processed foods which are not only deficient in ... Read the Post