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Why is there no Informed Consent with Birth Control Use?

Be Cautious with Hormonal Birth Control One of the things that REALLY grinds my gears is when a person says they "have" to be on birth control because of a health condition they have. It's all I can do to not scream when I hear that sentence. Birth control itself is one of my pet peeves.Β  It is what initiated my descent into fibromyalgia and basically ruined my life. Which is why I am so ... Read the Post

Magnificent Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral

All about Magnesium Magnesium is another crucial mineral that gets overlooked so often. This underrated mineral is the cause of so many chronic illnesses and yet a majority of people have never even heard about it. Magnesium is responsible for countless enzyme reactions and proteins in the body.  When we are low in magnesium, our bodies cannot function properly and it leads to ... Read the Post