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Why Individualized Nutrition is the Key to Healing

I saw a post several years ago that prompted me to write this post. It was of a person that takes about 50 pills in the morning because of the supplements they use for adrenal fatigue. No, not an exaggeration. I counted all of the pills in the picture. And this person stated that this was just their MORNING dose. This is madness. 50 pills is insanity. Now I don't know if this person is working ... Read the Post

Natural Ways to Balance Blood Sugar

It is just absolutely crazy how there isn't more information out there on the varieties of blood sugar problems there are. There isn't *just* diabetes. People have blood sugar issues for a lot of different reasons like: Adrenal FatigueLiver DysfunctionOver-consumption of sugar (that's an obvious one!)Nutritional DeficienciesUnderlying infections (like EBV, Lyme, parasites- they all create ... Read the Post

The BEST Holistic Ways to Keep your Teeth Healthy

Natural Dental Care The state of our teeth can be a pretty good representation of our health. Many people deal with cracking teeth, cavities, sensitivity of the teeth and gums, and more. Most of us have been taught about the external care of teeth which just includes brushing and flossing- but there is SO much more to healthy teeth than that! My Top Tips for Improving Dental Health There ... Read the Post