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Health Benefits of Vitamin A

I LOVE VITAMIN A! So many issues can be related to vitamin A deficiency. The 2 most abundant sources of retinol are liver and cod liver oil- 2 things which I had never even heard of until a few years ago (seriously, I didn’t know people could eat liver!). I am sure a majority of people in the Western world grew up the same- lots of process foods, very low fat and cholesterol, margarine, etc. We ... Read the Post

Breast Implant Illness: A Silent Health Threat

I've had a huge influx of questions about the long term side effects of breast implants, and I knew I had to put together a good resource for those that might be dealing with this issue. Some people aren't even aware that breast implants can create illnesses because like with everything else, there is very rarely informed consent. So what is the big deal about breast implants? Silicone ... Read the Post