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How to Fix your Metabolism with HTMA

The Nervous System and Oxidation Ratio on HTMA The HTMA shows us a bit of an idea on what state your nervous system is in. Slow oxidation (underactive thyroid and adrenal glands) point to a parasympathetic dominance and a sluggish metabolism.  Fast oxidation (over-active adrenals and thyroid) points to a sympathetic dominance and a fast metabolism.  But what exactly does this mean and ... Read the Post

Natural Remedies for ADD and ADHD

I've already touched on how diet plays a huge role in mental health, as well as what the "ideal" diet should be. People think "nutrition" and they think "simple, useless, not important". In reality, nutrition is EVERYTHING. Personal biochemistry is the biggest blueprint in healing from any illness. Our kids are truly suffering and it is time for us to start saving our future generations. 1 in ... Read the Post