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How to Detox Uranium

Uranium is a common heavy metal on the HTMA Uranium is a naturally occurring element but it has the potential to be toxic. I just wanted to make a short post as a reference for those that have noticed high uranium levels on their HTMA. Sources of Uranium: Uranium is very high in granite deposit- so those that mine granite or live near a granite mine are at risk for high exposureFood ... Read the Post

How to Safely Detox from Mercury

It's pretty safe to say that most people in the Western world have probably been exposed to too much mercury. You'll find mercury in vaccines (where it gets thrown right into the blood stream- much harder for the body to process vs. it being ingested), dental tooth fillings ( what a dangerous idea! Mercury in your mouth), fish (especially tuna), and even cleaning products.  Mercury can be ... Read the Post

How to Detox Cadmium

With my approach to mineral balancing, I like to help rebuild the person, replenish nutrients, and work on supporting detoxification. Once the body restores metabolic balance, it can work on removing any of the bad things that we might have underlying- this includes heavy metals (like cadmium), parasites, viruses like EBV, and more. We need energy to detox, and harsh methods that involve ripping ... Read the Post