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Meet our Sassy Holistics Practitioner Breezy

Meet our Sassy Holistics Practitioner About 3-4 years ago, I started my journey into the natural health world by launching Sassy Holistics.  I flew solo for a long time, but I was lucky enough about 2 years ago to hire an amazing lady to help out. I am blessed to call these Breezy a friend as well as an employee! I wanted to fully introduce her to everyone and explain her role with Sassy ... Read the Post

The Difference between Liver Healing and Liver Cleansing

Liver Healing vs. Liver Detox Most of my followers know that I am a huge Liver Lover! I can never stress the importance of the liver enough. It has about 500 functions in the body, and it takes a beating in our toxic world.  You can read more about liver health here, but we're going to go over some important points in this post: what the liver is for and why we need to love and support it- ... Read the Post

How a Copper Imbalance impacts the Thyroid

When you start to learn about mineral balancing, it is nearly impossible to ignore how copper imbalances can be a huge issue for nearly everyone. Those with thyroid disorders are no exception, and they tend to suffer even more when copper is imbalanced. You've probably come across the term 'copper toxicity' often, but in reality the issue is a bit more complex than that. Most people suffer from ... Read the Post