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How to Fix your Metabolism with HTMA

The Nervous System and Oxidation Ratio on HTMA The HTMA shows us a bit of an idea on what state your nervous system is in. Slow oxidation (underactive thyroid and adrenal glands) point to a parasympathetic dominance and a sluggish metabolism.  Fast oxidation (over-active adrenals and thyroid) points to a sympathetic dominance and a fast metabolism.  But what exactly does this mean and ... Read the Post

Why Deprivation, Dieting, and Body Shaming need to STOP

Changing our relationship with Food and Healing from an Eating Disorder I'm about to get VERY real with you all about something I've dealt with in my life. I hope that my story can help others (as I know a lot of my other health struggles have- I swear that I'm able to say that everything I have dealt with has been for a reason. I've been able to help others with similar issues to heal!). I ... Read the Post

The BEST MCT Oil is from Perfect Supplements

I know, I know! That statement is a pretty bold statement to make. But it's true! I've had tried about a half dozen other brands of MCT oil. I liked them, but they were never exactly what I wanted. Some were way too pricey, most weren't even organic, and some were just blends of oils. This is why I was SO happy last year when Perfect Supplements said they were going to make a new, 100% organic ... Read the Post