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Dandelion Root: One of my Favorite Liver Lovers

Why is Dandelion Root so amazing?! I'm sure we all know what a dandelion is, but we've been tricked into thinking it is just a lowly little weed.  Would it surprise you to know that dandelion is actually an extremely powerful healing herb? I know I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about dandelion's healing powers. I mean, we used to tear them out of the ground as kids and destroy ... Read the Post

How to Actually Balance Calcium Levels

Mineral Spotlight: All about Calcium Calcium is a mineral that tends to get a bad rap- but in reality it's calcium supplements that we should be worried about. Real calcium from FOOD that is balanced with other nutrients is essential for health. Everything needs to be in balance! The Role of Calcium in the Body This is the most abundant mineral in the body- 99% should be found in the ... Read the Post

Redefining Postpartum Depression

Why We Need to Start Advocating for Better Care of Women During the Postpartum Period There is such a horrible stigma that goes around because of the way the medical community treats illness.  Things like anxiety, depression and postpartum depression are NOT mental illnesses.  They do not mean you are "broken".  If that were true, then we certainly have a LOT of people out there ... Read the Post