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Why Homeschooling is becoming Mainstream

What are the Benefits of Homeschooling? For many years, homeschooling has been looked at as "weird", "alternative", and that it creates sheltered kids that cannot function in the real world. However, these views are quickly changing (thank goodness) and there are many reasons why parents are choosing home education over public schools. Some interesting general facts about homeschooling ... Read the Post

How to Support your Child’s Wellness with Natural Healing

How To Heal Kids Naturally Every time I hear about how sick kids are these days, I get so angry. We SHOULD be angry about this. About half of all kids in the US have a chronic illness these days. For some reason, conventional medicine just keeps making new diagnoses and more drugs for kids instead of addressing the actual issues. Unfortunately, kids are inheriting our deficiencies and ... Read the Post

Whole Food Nutrition Ideas for Kids

When it comes to kids, they can be so picky! But a lot of them need some extra support as far as nutrients go. I’m going to pick a few of my favorite supplements for kids (most which I give my own son), and I’ll share how I get my son to actually consume these supplements! Supplements and Food Ideas for Kids Bee Pollen Bee pollen is considered nature’s most balanced food.  It is ... Read the Post