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How to Use Discernment

How to Use Discernment Over the last year, there has been one huge lesson that I have learned- it is up to us to discern the truth. After years and years of being lied to by the news, doctors, and those supposedly in charge it's becoming more and more apparent that we need to break free of this particular matrix. We all need to learn how to use discernment so we can figure out what is ... Read the Post

How to Pick a Crystal for Yourself

How to Pick a Crystal for Yourself When it comes to picking crystals, intuition is key. One of the BEST things to do to truly tap into your innate intuition is to just pick a stone by looking at it. Look at the colors and the shapes. What sticks out to you most? Do you feel soothed or energized when looking at one crystal over another? Does one just look prettier? Or do you just have an ... Read the Post