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How to have a Happy, Healthy Period

Periods Don't have to be Painful! I am sure many people read my headline and rolled their eyes a bit.  A "happy period"? There is no such thing, right? WRONG!  Even though periods are not exactly fun, they aren't supposed to be devastating, painful, or terrible.  If you deal with PMS, acne, breast tenderness/pain, cramps, anger, mood swings, heavy flow, migraines, or any other ... Read the Post

All About Self-Care, Self-love, and Mindset Shifting

Self-Care, Self-love, and Changing our Mindset- Why these are crucial for healing Self-care is a term that is growing in popularity lately and honestly there is good reason for it.  As people start healing from chronic illnesses, they are starting to realize the importance of actually caring for oneself properly in the process.  We start to realize that we have not been kind to ... Read the Post

The Amazing Benefits of Dandelion Root BulletProof Tea

Dandelion Root "BulletProof" Inspired Tea Recipe- and why we add so much to our tea! I love Coffee- but lately I'm trying to be nicer to my adrenals. Caffeine can be a real issue for those with adrenal issues- usually 1 cup a day is ok for most people, but if you can cut it out for a time then that's the ideal. I really wanted to try a way to make tea version but I was worried about how it ... Read the Post