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The BEST Herbal Courses are at Herbal Academy

Herbal Academy Courses are the best! I have been in the natural health world for over 6 years now and I have pretty much been obsessed with herbs since the beginning. They have played a huge role in my own healing journey and they are so much stronger than we have ever been told to believe!Β  However, there are may horrible sources out there spewing out bad information on herbal remedies.Β  I prefer ... Read the Post

How to Heal Brain Fog Symptoms Naturally

Where did my brain go?! Why Brain Fog is so common these days so what we can do about it? Brain fog! Ugh. I hate it. (Yes I know we shouldn't say "hate" but if I had to pick the worst symptom I've ever dealt with, brain fog is definitely at the top of the list). There are sooo many reasons why we deal with brain fog so I'm just going to go over the most common reasons, especially according to ... Read the Post

The Most Amazing Holistic Healing Modalities

Other Modalities of Healing that are Amazing! I am such a huge lover of HTMA and true holistic mineral balancing, but over the years I have learned about so many other awesome modalities to heal.  HTMA is a great base- at the end of the day, your minerals HAVE to be balanced in order for the body to heal.  We need a solid nutrition base in order to fix any health issues, period.  ... Read the Post