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Why We Need to be our own Best Advocate!

Becoming your own best advocate for health is important! One of the major lessons that I have learned on my own health journey is that as an individual, we have to be the ones that are in charge of ourselves. Growing up, most of us were taught to go to the doctor when we were sick and we were supposed to just do as they said because they were the "experts". That mentality is something that I ... Read the Post

The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Healing

If you are new to natural health, it can be very overwhelming to know where to begin your journey. I'm going to put together my top tips on where to start! Heal Your Gut Healing your gut is usually the best first step to take on this healing journey. Many people are dealing with leaky gut, impaired digestion, and many nutritional imbalances. The best things to look into to heal the gut are ... Read the Post

The Gut is the Second Brain: How Your Diet Influences your Mental Health

This topic is something that I care very much about. There is so much violence in this world and we are often apt to believe that there are just THAT many horrible people out there.  If you mention how nutrition and food can influence the brain, people tend to think you are a bit off your rocker, and they just ignore you.  But mental health is just as dependent on diet and nutrition as ... Read the Post