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How to Use a Far Infrared Heating Pad for Better Health

What can Far Infrared Heat Help With? When it comes to health and wellness, I am always trying to find the best methods for improving health.  Recently, a friend started talking to me more about this far infrared heating pad that she got.  I had heard of infrared sauna before, and know that the sauna is an awesome way to aid the body to detox more effectively- however, any kind of ... Read the Post

Why Deprivation, Dieting, and Body Shaming need to STOP

Changing our relationship with Food and Healing from an Eating Disorder I'm about to get VERY real with you all about something I've dealt with in my life. I hope that my story can help others (as I know a lot of my other health struggles have- I swear that I'm able to say that everything I have dealt with has been for a reason. I've been able to help others with similar issues to heal!). I ... Read the Post

How to Heal From Fibromyalgia Naturally

There are many root causes for Fibro! When I was 17, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after almost a year of severe head-to-toe pain, digestive issues, depression, sleep issues, massive weight gain, and so much more. I went to so many doctors and specialists and got nowhere fast. Sleep studies, countless prescriptions, countless other tests- all just to be told it's fibromyalgia, there wasn't ... Read the Post