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Why Counting Calories Won’t Help You Lose Weight Anymore

Counting calories might help you lose WEIGHT but it will not make you gain HEALTH. Period! Counting calories is one of the most RIDICULOUS concepts every created. Have you been one of the countless people that believed the diet lies your whole life? "Eat low fat, low calorie, exercise at least an hour a day, drink a gallon of water, and only then will you lose weight". Once I started delving ... Read the Post

Good fats vs Bad Fats, and why we NEED fat!

Fat is not evil Most of you know by now that fat is not the evil thing that it has been made out to be.Β  For years, people were told to avoid good fats like the plague and they were told to replace it with synthetic, disgusting products like margarine and canola oil.Β  Well, thank goodness people have come back to their senses! Fat is back and here to stay- we won't fall for the lies again. Fat is ... Read the Post

How to lose weight without losing your mind

When you aim to lose weight what are the first things that you think about to change? Diet and exercise, right? Well, did you know that there are many more factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to losing weight? Let's go over some of the most important aspects of weight loss. It's time to break our views on thinking that your weight determines how healthy you ... Read the Post