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My Top 10 Tips for Sustainable Weight Loss

Two of the most common resolutions you'll hear from people in the New Year are to lose weight and eat better. Most people stick to their strict diets and go to the gym regularly for a few weeks but it never tends to last. I think that this is the year that we STOP with this craziness. For decades the typical advice for weight loss has been, "Eat low fat, low calorie, exercise at least an hour a ... Read the Post

Why Deprivation, Dieting, and Body Shaming need to STOP

Changing our relationship with Food and Healing from an Eating Disorder I'm about to get VERY real with you all about something I've dealt with in my life. I hope that my story can help others (as I know a lot of my other health struggles have- I swear that I'm able to say that everything I have dealt with has been for a reason. I've been able to help others with similar issues to heal!). I ... Read the Post

Why I switched to a Holistic Lifestyle

I was just like every other person following the Standard American Diet and lifestyle.  I drank nothing but soda, I ate fast food almost daily, and I rarely exercised.  I was sick with infections every year as a child and had antibiotics at least once a year.  I was obese at the age of 9, but luckily my father took custody of me and managed to help me lose the weight I needed to ... Read the Post