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Did you know that our minerals influence our hormones?

Did you know that our minerals influence our hormones? Copper (Feminine) and Zinc (Masculine) Copper- estrogen- feminineZinc- testosterone- masculine When minerals become imbalanced, our hormones can also become imbalanced, and this can also directly influence our internal masculine/feminine balance. We all have an inner masculine and an inner feminine. The goal is to be balanced with ... Read the Post

What are Chakras?

So what are chakras? Basically they are the main energy centers of the body. We have 7 chakras in the physical body (and we have a few more in our energy field as well).  These energy centers can become unbalanced with poor diet, trauma, stress, or bad habits.  Crystals can help with rebalancing the energy of the chakras when they become over or under active. When our chakras are ... Read the Post

Support Small Businesses

I really wish I had thought of this post sooner this year. I have been trying hard to help others on social media this year with trying to bypass censorship and to boost their posts up (read my article on this here for more information on this). I'm making this now since the holidays are coming but I'm going to keep it up forever, and I'll likely add to it as time goes on. I'll try to make this ... Read the Post