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Why Meditation is ESSENTIAL

Why Meditation Is ESSENTIAL These Days I've spent the better part of a decade in the natural health world now. Right from the start I read about meditation, but it was something that never resonated with me so I never tried it. I was one of those that said, "I can't sit still!!" So I just never gave it a try. Well now I know that a lot of that mentality was actually my ego talking! ... Read the Post

Holistic Mental Health Support

What is Holistic Mental Health? If you've been following Sassy Holistics for awhile, you likely already know that most of what I write about is focused on overall holistic health. This includes physical AND mental health, so I don't always make it a point to separate the 2 when I'm writing. With all of the stress, chaos, and trauma of this crazy year, I think it would be helpful to put ... Read the Post

How to Heal from Generational Trauma

How Pain Travels through Generations until someone is ready to feel it In my post on Emotional Healing Techniques, I wrote about how our personal experiences can influence our physical health and overall well-being. Since then, I have learned a lot more about how we can actually inherit traumas from previous generations. This concept might seem odd or really "out there" to some people, but I ... Read the Post