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Minerals: What they are used for and where to find them!

All about Minerals! I wanted to make this post because there is one misconception about minerals that I hear often. Some people will say, "Oh I took magnesium/zinc/vitamin C, but it didn't work for me." The thing is, minerals don't just "work"- they are ESSENTIAL to life. Minerals are known as the spark plugs of life- we cannot look at them like we look at pharmaceuticals that are created for ... Read the Post

Natural Ways to Balance Blood Sugar

It is just absolutely crazy how there isn't more information out there on the varieties of blood sugar problems there are. There isn't *just* diabetes. People have blood sugar issues for a lot of different reasons like: Adrenal FatigueLiver DysfunctionOver-consumption of sugar (that's an obvious one!)Nutritional DeficienciesUnderlying infections (like EBV, Lyme, parasites- they all create ... Read the Post

Magnificent Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral

All about Magnesium Magnesium is another crucial mineral that gets overlooked so often. This underrated mineral is the cause of so many chronic illnesses and yet a majority of people have never even heard about it. Magnesium is responsible for countless enzyme reactions and proteins in the body.  When we are low in magnesium, our bodies cannot function properly and it leads to ... Read the Post